She's learned her lesson. Khloé Kardashian was caught up in the middle of a bit of a scandal on Friday, July 20, after she went on Instagram live to record her workout with her sister, Kourtney Kardashian. During the live, both Khloé and Kourtney said the "r-word," and fans were so upset that they took to Twitter to complain — and Khloé quickly apologized for her actions.

On Friday, Khloé and Kourt took to their Instagram accounts to share a live video of their joint workout, but Kourt suggested that she join Khloé's live so fans can see them both on the same screen. It took Kourt a while to figure out how to request to join Khlo's live and it took Khlo a while to allow Kourtney to join her live, and the sisters bickered with each other as they tried to figure it all out.

"Yes, you can, you f–king r—-d," Kourt was allegedly heard saying in the background, according to Us Weekly. When Kourt was having trouble joining Khlo's live, Khlo said to Kourt, "Are you f–king r——d?"

The r-word has a negative connotation and could be interpreted as hate speech, and it's very offensive to people who have an intellectual disability and their loved ones.

"I was watching your live stream on Instagram until you said the 'r' word. You should pay more attention to your word choices, especially since you have a huge following [and] don’t know who you could be offending. If True had a disability you would use a different word," one fan tweeted at Khloé.

But Khloé seemed very apologetic about her actions, and she quickly responded to that fan. "Ugh, I hate that word! Why did I even say that?" the new mom wrote back. "You are a million percent right and I actually greatly dislike when people use that word! I will do better! I am sorry! Much love today."

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