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For hundreds of years, people have turned to hot toddies to help cure what ails them. While it might not be as scientific as an over-the-counter, there’s something special about this soothing & steamy Southern cocktail. As the cold weather creeps in across the USA, we thought it’d be a perfect time to share our favorite hot toddy recipe.


Please don’t forget to add a few drops of Tribe’s citrus-flavored CBD oil to your hot toddy. Even a tiny dose of our high-quality CBD oil will help make your toasty toddy extra terrific!

CBD Hot Toddy Recipe


A great feature of making a hot toddy is that it’s easy to adapt to your tastebuds. In fact, we recommend using our ingredients list as a template for further exploration.


For instance, many people enjoy swapping out plain hot water for herbal teas. Since hot toddies are traditionally associated with relaxation, it’s no surprise that chamomile is a popular tea option. However, if you’re more interested in busting sinus congestion, then consider using a spicy ginger-lemon tea.


Speaking of spice, it’s quite common to swap out bourbon for the spicier rye whiskey. Scotch is another traditional liquor choice for hot toddies. You could even try a few ounces of spiced rum to add a unique “festive flair” to this CBD cocktail.

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  • 1 ½ oz bourbon
  • ½ oz honey
  • ½ oz lemon juice
  • ½ dropperful Tribe CBD oil (citrus)
  • Hot water
  • Lemon wheel
  • Cinnamon stick




  • Boil a pot of hot water on your stovetop
  • Pour bourbon, honey, lemon juice, and Tribe CBD oil into a mug
  • Add enough hot water to fill your container
  • Garnish with a lemon wheel and cinnamon stick


Hot toddies are often said to help relieve the everyday aches and pains that accompany the snowy season. However, did you know CBD might have pain-relieving properties of its own? Indeed, a recent University of Kentucky study suggested that CBD oil could reduce the symptoms of knee arthritis.


While we need more scientific data to confirm these groundbreaking findings, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that CBD could help with common joint discomfort. Hopefully, an extra touch of CBD in your toddy will provide superior relief this winter.

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