We love Katy Perry, for all her kooky outfits and silly lyrics—although Katy is the first person to admit that there are some very dirty metaphors lurking beneath the surface of her fun lyrics!

“I do love a good innuendo,” Katy told W magazine. “Mom and dad know what this song means, but just sing along, kids—you won’t know what these lyrics are about for another 10 years.”

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The subject of songs are definitely a far cry from her first album’s songs, which she said were “catchy, but the subject matter was God.”

To prove the point, we listed our top 7 Katy lyrics that demonstrate that she really is the queen of the double entendre!

1. “You’re Like an Indian Summer In the Midde of Winter/Like a Hard Candy With a Surprise Center” – “Thinking of You” (2008)


This is one is either endearing or really dirty, depending on how dirty your mind is!

2. “I Wanna See Your Peacock, Cock, Cock” – “Peacock” (2010)

Yep, this means exactly what it sounds like!

3. “We’ll Melt Your Popsicle” – “California Gurls” Feat. Snoop Dogg (2010)

Is that popsicle in your pants—or are you just happy to see us?!

4. “Infect With Me With Love and Fill Me With Your Poison” – “E. T.” Feat. Kanye West (2010)

We don’t know what poison she’s referring, but how do you think John Mayer and Kim Kardashian feel about this?

5. “Pop Your Confetti/We Can Get It On/So Hot And Heavy/Till Dawn/I Got Your Spinning Like a Disco Ball” – “Birthday” (2013)


This one is kind of lost on us, but with all the allusions to a birthady suit we just know it's dirty! 

6. “You Make Me Feel Like I’m Losing My Virginity” – “Hummingbird Heartbeat”  (2010)

Okay—not actually an innuendo at all. They are saying

7. “Do You Ever Feel/Like a Plastic Bag?” – “Firework” (2010)

Okay this isn’t dirty, but it is a metaphor simile… and we’re just trying to figure out it means. Any help?

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