In Touch is exclusively reporting that before Kathy Griffin posted a graphic image of herself holding a bloodied mask styled as the decapitated head of the President Donald Trump, she was in talks to launch another show on CNN with her friend and longtime colleague Anderson Cooper.

Within days of the incident, Kathy lost her comedy tour, her endorsement deal with Squatty Potty and her beloved job at CNN.

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“The ironic thing is CNN wanted Kathy and Anderson to do a show together. They shot a pilot, and I heard there was real momentum behind the project,” an insider explains. “Kathy begged Anderson to go to Jeff [Zucker, CNN Worldwide president] and save her.”

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The photo says it all, but this is what the left thinks is acceptable today. This is the double standard they live by. If a well known conservative did this while working for @foxnews there would be outrage for months. There would be real consequences. Kathy Griffin a regular in @cnn should be ashamed of herself. If this is where you have to go to get noticed maybe you should pick a new line of work. Of course there won't be ramifications to her as that's not the #MSM narrative today. Also, this will not get nearly the coverage it should because it's against @realdonaldtrump from a liberal, but let's just remember this the next time we hear the bs narrative about he behavior of the right. #enoughisenough #kathygriffin Lastly, to those pointing out some stupid pics that some internet badass armchair warrior did in their basement about Obama (that's WRONG as well), but it not the same as a well known "celeb" with an equally famous photographer collaborating and doing it for a mainstream base. Stop pretending that it's the same… it isn't!!!

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Anderson Cooper refused to publicly support her through the controversy. “She was devastated by the reaction at CNN,” says the insider. “This was her big statement, and it crashed and burned.”

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