She’s not having it. Kate Beckinsale posted a selfie on Instagram on Friday, February 15, and days later, a fellow social media user apparently decided it was cool to call out her dating habits in the comments of the post. Haters gonna hate! The person commented, “Disappointed in your dating choices,” likely referring to Pete Davidson, whom Kate has been spotted with in recent weeks. The 45-year-old actress fired back, “Fairly let down by your wonky beard but thought possibly rude to say.” You go, Kate!

Kate shared the rather lovely selfie with a quirky caption that read, “Here’s what I got from five years of biology class: ‘mollusc’ is Latin for ‘soft flesh’ and how to identify and label a urethra. Neither has kicked in yet as useful as of today.” I mean … fair. We can say the same about a lot of things we learned in math class, TBH. It’s not totally clear why the commenter decided that was an appropriate post to make a statement about Kate’s dating life, but who really knows why trolls do what they do, anyway.

On a more positive note, other people stood up for Kate in the replies. “Pete Davidson is awesome! Huge SNL fans here,” one person responded. Another wrote, “You seem lovely as does Pete. Your relationships are none of our business, but I do hope you find happiness because nothing is more important.” What a nice sentiment!

Kate was reportedly spotted leaving the Netflix Golden Globes afterparty with Pete, 25, on January 6, and dating rumors have swirled since. On January 12, when an audience member at his stand-up show shouted Kate’s name, the Saturday Night Live star “smiled sheepishly and said, ‘yes,’” according to Us Weekly. He and Kate were also seen holding hands as they left his comedy show on February 2.

It certainly seems like something might be happening between these two! And if it is, it’s really not the place of some random Instagram troll to tell Kate he’s “disappointed” in her choice of a dating partner. We think she can take care of herself and her business just fine, thank you very much.

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