She’s got new baby name ideas, and it seems Kailyn Lowry is playing around with naming her future son after some of her BFFs. On Tuesday, February 18, the Teen Mom 2 star joked that she’s hoping to pay tribute to pals Becky Hayter and Mark Allen Jr. Revealing she came up with a first and middle moniker combination that would honor them both, she asked fans to weigh in.

“How about Beckham Allen after Becky & Marky Mark?” Kail, 27, asked on Twitter. The post came with a poll, giving fans the option to vote for or against the idea. In the responses, Becky joined in on the playful brainstorm. “If you vote no, you get 10 years of bad luck,” she told fans.

When one fan played along and suggested the mom of three could call baby No. 4 “Boneling” in honor of Bone Estrada and Sterling Black, the MTV mama revealed she was just joking. “I love them also,” she said in response to the idea, kindly shooting it down. “But Mark has been around for half my life, and Becky [is] coming up second. I was just kidding either way. I’m not naming him Beckham.”

Not everyone was happy to hear that. “F–k off, Kail,” BFF Becky teased. When someone else suggested that the Teen Mom star call her child something “meaningful,” she continued, “Damn … I am meaningful.” Bone chimed in, “I second that.” But the potential namesakes weren’t the only ones who like the moniker — some fans did, too. “Beckham is actually cute, whether you were kidding or not,” one wrote.

Recently, the star has been posting a lot about potential ideas for baby No. 4. Her older two sons have been weighing in on the discussion, too. “Isaac [and] Linc want to name their new brother Austin … after @PostMalone,” she revealed on Twitter on February 14, adding a crying laughing face. Hey, that’s not too bad!

It sounds like Kail may have already settled on something, though. “I’m pretty sure I’m set on baby boy’s name,” she revealed on the 18th. “[I’m] staying open minded, but I think I’ve got the first name at least.” As for middles, well, she’s still choosing. “Elliott, Marshall, Russell,” she wrote, listing off the ones she picked out for her other three sons. “Double letter middle name for baby boy 4?”

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