Justin Timberlake was arrested on DWI-related charges on June 17, 2024, in Sag Harbor, New York. What happened to the “Mirrors” singer, how long was he in custody and has he publicly spoken about the charges?

Why Was Justin Timberlake Arrested?

Sag Harbor Police Department confirmed to TMZ that Justin was arrested after enjoying dinner with friends on June 17, 2024.

After he left the American Hotel in Sag Harbor, Justin’s 2025 BMW drove through a stop sign and his vehicle failed to stay on the right side of the road. Justin’s “eyes were bloodshot and glassy, a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage was emanating from his breath, he was unable to divide attention, he had slowed speech, he was unsteady afoot, and he performed poorly on all standardized field sobriety tests,” an officer stated in the criminal complaint.

Justin failed his field sobriety tests, and it was determined he was “operating the vehicle in an intoxicated condition” after he refused to take a chemical test. He was “placed under arrest, processed and held overnight” in jail before his arraignment took place on June 18, 2024.

The “Selfish” singer was photographed leaving the Sag Harbor municipal building with his attorney, Edward Burke Jr., following his arraignment. Justin was charged with one count of driving while intoxicated. Additionally, he got two citations for running a stop sign and for failure to keep in lane.

He is scheduled to make a virtual appearance in Sag Harbor Village’s Justice Court on July 26, 2024.

Was Anyone Hurt Amid Justin Timberlake’s Arrest?

Luckily, no one is believed to have been injured during the arrest. “Nobody was hurt,” a source told People on June 18. “He will be arraigned in about an hour.”

What Is a DWI?

DWI stands for Driving While Intoxicated, and is strictly enforced in New York state. “Penalties include loss of driving privileges, fines and possible jail time,” according to the New York State Unified Court System. “Any amount of alcohol will affect your judgment and coordination and will reduce your ability to safely operate a vehicle.

Has Justin Timberlake Spoken About His DWI Arrest?

The “SexyBack” singer’s lawyer issued a statement about the arrest on June 19, 2024. “[We] look forward to vigorously defending Mr. Timberlake against these allegations,” Burke said in a statement to In Touch. “He will have a lot to say at the appropriate time.”

Burke added that their team is “currently awaiting full discovery from the DA’s office.”

Justin Timberlake Arrested for DWI After Partying in New York: Inside Case, Updates
Lionel Hahn/Getty Images

Justin is currently headlining the Forget Tomorrow World tour to promote his latest album, Everything I Thought It Was. He is next scheduled to perform on June 22, 2024, at the United Center in Chicago, followed by two shows at Madison Square Garden in New York City on June 25 and June 26, 2024.

During his June 21, 2024, show at Chicago’s United Center, Justin opened up to fans about his “tough week.”

“We’ve been together through ups and downs and lefts and rights,” Justin said in a video shared via X. “And uh, it’s been a tough week. And you’re here and I’m here and nothing can change this moment right now. I know sometimes I’m hard to love, but you keep on loving me and I love you right back. Thank you so much.”

Once he finishes his shows in the United States on July 9, 2024, Justin will travel overseas to perform several European concerts for the remainder of summer and into the fall. Justin is scheduled to return to the United States for a concert at Barclay Center Brooklyn, New York, on October 7, 2024, while the tour is expected to conclude on December 20, 2024.

However, it’s not clear if his legal troubles will impact the upcoming tour dates.

Was Justin Timberlake on Drugs During His Arrest?

Rumors swirled that Justin was under the influence of drugs during the arrest after parody account Poo Crave made the claims in an X post on June 18, 2024. “Justin Timberlake allegedly had traces of molly, poppers, Truvada and coke in his bloodstream following his DWI arrest in New York,” the post read.

However, a disclaimer from X stated that no information has been reported about Justin undergoing a blood test since his arrest and the post was merely satirical.

What Was Justin Timberlake Drinking Before His Arrest?

Justin was reportedly enjoying a beverage called the Vesper martini from the American Hotel’s cocktail menu before he got behind the wheel.

The Vesper is made of a wine-based aperitif Lillet Blanc, Tanqueray gin and Grey Goose vodka, and it’s shaken over ice before it’s served.

“It’s all alcohol,” an insider told The Daily Beast about the beverage. “There is no mixer.”

Meanwhile, cocktail blogger Moody Mixologist claims the drink “is not for the faint of heart” and includes a “whopping 4 ounces of liquor.”

“It’s safe to say that the level of alcohol in this martini is equivalent to a double of just about any other cocktail,” the blog explains. “So please keep that in mind when mixing one up.”

After he claimed he only had one drink before his arrest, an unnamed staff member at the American Hotel confirmed to People that he only had “one drink” at the restaurant. Meanwhile, another staff member agreed and explained that Justin could have had drinks somewhere else before he visited their restaurant. “If he was drinking more, it wasn’t here,” the employee said.

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