We all know the Duggar way of life is a little, ahem, different, but are Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar preventing their children from wearing proper eyewear too?! As crazy as it may seem, the reality star fam — 21 in total — have rarely been photographed (or seen on television) wearing glasses. Is it possible that they all happen to be genetically gifted? Or are even the little ones popping in contacts?

According to J.P. Lowery, the Chief of Pediatrics at Pacific University College of Optometry in Forest Grove, OR, genetics play a role in sight, much like eye color and height. “Nearsightedness and farsightedness have a strong genetic component, especially if a parent is very nearsighted or farsighted. If both parents are nearsighted or farsighted, there’s a good chance their child will be the same.”

duggar family

But vision isn’t all in the genes, Dr. Lowery continued. “There are some significant environmental influences, such as near-point work like reading, that are associated with nearsightedness, especially when it develops later in the teens and 20s.”

Yet some fans claim they’ve seen one of the Duggar children wearing glasses. According to a commenter on the Free Jinger forum, “I’m pretty sure one of the twins (Jeremiah, I think) wears glasses. I vaguely remember a clip of him wearing glasses on the bus.” Still, others think they’re simply wearing contacts. “In all my Duggar reading, watching, etc I’ve never noticed anyone with glasses even in shots of kids doing school work. Contacts are very likely — like most of the British Royal Family!!!!” Come to think of it, we haven’t seen Kate Middleton or Prince William ~ werking ~ a pair of glasses either!

However, one person, in particular, was definitely spotted wearing them — Joy-Anna! Back in 2015, the Duggar Family Official Facebook page posted a photo of the now-20-year-old wearing some hip specs. “Sweet Joy in her new glasses!” the caption read. Unfortunately, that probably means that her baby-to-be will need a pair too!

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