Josh Duhamel may just be the perfect man!

He makes great movies, he’s an incredible dad, he’s charitable—and he’s an animal lover!

The 41-year-old has joined forces with PetSmart Charities’ Rescue Waggin to create a web series, Rescue Waggin: Tales From the Road.

The program transports dogs from overcrowded shelters to cities to better their chances of being adopted.

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Josh opened up to E! News about what he loves about the “really, really cute series.”

“I just thought it’s such a great way to tell stories about these dogs [who] are in these shelters where they’d otherwise be put down and suddenly get scooped up by this Rescue Waggin and get taken to a shelter where they can find a family,” he said.

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As he hits the road, Josh is joined by various celebrity fans, such as Kristen Bell and Bret Michaels, although there is one public figure who Josh wished to collaborate with—President Barack Obama!

“I wanted the President to do it, but he bought both of his dogs so he was out of the running,” Josh said of the first dogs Sunny and Bo, who are both Portuguese Water Dogs.

Josh, who adopted his pup Meatball as a companion for his pooch Zoë, wants to encourage people to adopt—but only if they’re prepared for the commitment and responsibility of a pet!

“A lot of these dogs that end up in shelters are [there] because people get a dog because they love the idea of it,” he explained. “Then the reality of, ‘Oh, I really gotta take care of this puppy’ hits.

"And they end up taking up too much and they end up in the shelter. Yes, it’s a little work, but I believe the work you put in you get back ten-fold."

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