We're Willing to Bet This Is the Real Reason Jill Duggar Pierced Her Nose


We should have known that Jill Duggar's edgy new nose piercing might not just be for looks! At least, there's a medical reason why many women pierce their left nostril, and surprise, surprise, it has to do with having babies. Watch the video below to find out why Jill might have gotten her new nose ring!

Of course, Jill may have just gotten the new accessory as a show of rebellion to her super strict family, since she also began wearing jeans around the same time. If she was just hoping to do something a little edgy, the nose piercing was a good option. It's one of the safest piercings with the least infections, so wise choice, Jill. We think it looks pretty bad-ass too!

On the other hand, we kind of like the idea that Jill got the piercing because she's pregnant with her third baby. While the nose ring on it's own isn't suspicious, there have been other signs that convinced fans she's expecting. Fans thought they spotted a baby bump in a photo just months after she gave birth to baby Samuel in October. Yet another photo posted by husband Derick Dillard on Thanksgiving seemed to show a little growing tummy too!

Maybe the piercing has less to do with pregnancy and style than it does with her husband Derick. Derick has gotten himself in some hot water with his controversial views about trangender people... as in, he got fired from their show Counting On after mocking fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings. Perhaps Jill noticed all of the attention her sister Jinger Duggar got for wearing pants and thought a few dramatic fashion choices would distract people from Derick's drama. Either way, we love the new Jill. Keep it coming, girl!

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