Another day, another reminder that Jill Duggar's house is messy AF. In a recent post with her oldest son Israel, the former Counting On star gave her followers an inside look at her home — and it was a disaster.

We get that she is a busy mom, but Jill's living room was covered with toys and her fans were not impressed with her cleaning skills, or lack there of. "A good mom's house looks like you teach them to clean up when they are done. It isn't that hard actually. I have taught many kids over the years, when you are done you put it away," one user commented. Another added, "Get off your lazy boy and pick up your house." Watch the video above for the "messy" photo.

However, some fans quickly came to her defense. "Toys on the floor = a pig sty. Man… people are brutal these days. I was a stay-at-home mom for years and a clean freak. Guess what? You miss a lot of great moments with your kids while you’re hurrying around make the place immaculate," a fellow mom added. "I know that many people disagree with their lifestyle and views but when you find something nasty to say about toys on the floor it’s just pathetic."

Jill is not the only Duggar sister to get slammed for her messy home recently. Jessa Duggar has also been called out for her dirty (and dangerous!) play area for her son Spurgeon. "What he is doing is potentially dangerous though. Plus it is teaching the wrong way to use a slide," a fan wrote at the time. "He chews on tags, water bottle caps, misuses the slide. SMH, can't they parent these kids?!!!"

You would think Jill and Jessa would take their mom Michelle Duggar's spring cleaning tips, which include decluttering. "I always tell the kids that if stuff comes in the house, we have to take other stuff out," Michelle told TLC in 2013. "We give things to friends that can use them or sell them at a yard sale. There's just not enough space for everything." Time for a garage sale.

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