From ramming his head into concrete walls to being a married man, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has had quite the transformation. The Jersey Shore star took to Instagram to participate in the #decadechallenge and reminded his followers how far he has come in the past 10 years.

“Your current situation is not your final destination 💯 #decadechallenge #comeback #werisebyliftingothers,” he captioned a split comparison of himself on Friday, December 13. In the first image, Mike reminded us all of the infamous fight he had with Ronnie Ortiz-Magro when the cast of the Shore made their way to Italy. In an attempt to be a tough guy, the 37-year-old slammed his head into a wall thinking it would be sheetrock, a more malleable material. To Mike’s surprise, the wall was actually concrete, landing him in a neck brace. “Italy wasn’t my best season, only because I was not very healthy that year. I was arguing and fighting with everyone,” he told Vulture.

Mike Sorrentino

Since then, Mike has done a complete 360 and turned his life around. In Mike’s after image, the New Jersey resident appears polished in a gray suit. In the past 10 years, the Jersey Shore star took the time to get sober from an addiction to prescription painkillers and started living a positive lifestyle. Unfortunately, his change of heart came a little late, as Mike’s old habits led him to some legal troubles.

In 2018, the reality star went to prison for tax evasion, soon after marrying Lauren Pesce. Mike was released from federal prison in September 2019 and has been living his best life ever since.

“Things are good right now. We have a lot to be grateful for,” Mike told In Touch exclusively in December. “I’ll always be in recovery, and I’m still an addict, but now I’m addicted to being my best self and living my best life.”

The hunk continued, “I’ve turned my addictive personality into a superpower,” adding, “I’ve become addicted to implementing balance and being the best husband for my wife and a good friend to my friends out there.”

Mike concluded, “With whatever obstacle you’re facing, you have the choice to become better or to become bitter. You have the choice to choose positivity or negativity — and I choose positivity.”

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