Ususally, there's not much reason to say "Duggar" and "funny" in the same sentence, unless it's something like "Jill Duggar's homemade food looks so gross it's honestly not even funny." However, there is one exception: Jeremy Vuolo. He may be on the road to becoming a pastor, but that doesn't mean he has no sense of humor. Jinger Duggar's husband and soon-to-be baby daddy is honest-to-goodness hilarious, and we have the reciepts to prove it!

Like when he made fun of Phil Johnson's age:

Phil Johnson is a pretty important guy in the Duggar world. Not only is he the executive director of Grace to You, but he's also the founder and former curator of The Spurgeon Archive. Yes, the same Spurgeon that Jessa Duggar named her son after. When Mr. Johnson posted on Twitter that "The grandkids came over to wish me a happy 65th. They are the very best thing about being old," Jer was bold enough to crack this gem: "And, as a close second, Senior Citizen discounts at Waffle House, no?"

Or when he poked fun at his own baby picture:

"I’d be lying if I said I haven’t prayed that God would let our little baby girl look just like her mama," he wrote. "'But don’t you want her to share at least some of your looks,' you ask? To which I would reply: 'See picture No. 2.'" He followed up with two baby photos: an adorable one of his wife Jinger as a tot, and one of him as a chubby baby laying in a bathtub. For a family that takes themselves super seriously, we appreciate that Jer can laugh at himself!

When he was a little too enthusiastic about sandwiches:

"Every time @jingervuolo and I walk into @Potbelly we feel like kids in a candy shop," he wrote. "What in the world are they doing to these sandwiches??!" Even funnier was when he retweeted Potbelly's response: "I'll tell ya, something magical happens while our sandwiches pass through that toaster."

When he boldly supported his favorite (dorky) TV show (spoiler alert: it's not Counting On):

"Good-show-binge-watching is not right," he tweeted. "Which is why my wife and I never…and I mean never…binge watch the @BritishBakeOff. Ever!" you just need to savor that kind of drama!

We loved the time he got fed up with having his wife's name autocorrected:

"I've had enough with Microsoft Office's discrimination against my wife's name. I'm taking this fight all the way to Merriam-Webster's doorstep if I have to!" he tweeted, along with a photo that suggested he turn Jinger's name to "Jigger," "Ginger," or "Finger."

Oh, and when he had some ideas about how to make baseball more interesting:

Jeremy was a pro soccer player, so we don't blame him for not being super into baseball. However, when a friend shared a video of player Mookie Betts trying (unsuccessfully) to catch a ball in the middle of an on-field interview, he said, "More of this and maybe I'd tune in more often," with a laughing emoji. Savage!

He pretty much lost it when he heard about UK Pun Day:

When he saw that #UKPunDay was trendingon Twitter, he retweeted a photo of a koala eating that said, "I tried to get into the secret service but I didn't have the right koalafications," he responded saying, "Bring. this. holiday. to. America. please." Something tells us he would be particularly good at tweeting puns all day!

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