Uh oh! Former Little People, Big World stars Jeremy Roloff and his wife, Audrey Roloff, are releasing their first book, A Love Letter Life, on April 2 and admitted that their romance hasn’t always been perfect. In it, Jeremy, 28, explained that he once got too emotionally intimate with another woman before he married Audrey, 27.

Jeremy wrote that for a period of time, he and Audrey broke up. During that time, he made a small group of friends which included a woman named Kate. “There was a girl in our crew whom I started to develop a unique friendship with,” he explained on page 181. He and Kate began spending “a lot of time together,” and Jeremy wrote, “Although I never considered her more than a friend, we became emotionally close.”

jeremy and audrey roloff

Before long, Jeremy and Audrey got back together, and that’s when the real trouble started. “During our break up, I had confided in Kate, which made us emotionally close,” he reiterated. As their long-distance relationship continued, Audrey eventually asked Jeremy to stop hanging out with Kate alone as much. “A justifiable thing to ask and something I should have listened to, but I didn’t,” Jeremy admitted. “Regardless, I agreed to make an effort to avoid any situation that could lead to hanging out alone.”

At one point, Kate eventually flew to visit Jeremy as a surprise, and that was apparently a little too much for Audrey, who “vented her frustrations and emotions” to him after the visit. “I created conflict and ended up hurting both Kate and Audrey … I understood where Audrey was coming from — I couldn’t imagine what it would do to me if she became best friends — better friends — with another dude. And yet, that’s exactly what I was doing to her!”


Eventually, Jeremy told Audrey he cared about Kate’s feelings, and she blew up at him. “Why are you unwilling to sacrifice your friendship for our love?” she apparently responded. He consulted with close, married friends, who advised him that “this friendship is incompatible with marriage.” After some soul-searching, Jeremy broke down and promised Audrey their wedding would be the end of his friendship with the other woman. “It wasn’t a friendship I could healthily maintain. I had been wrong to try,” he wrote. “Investing emotionally in an opposite-sex friendship that leads to soulful exploration is dangerous. These kinds of relationships can be breeding grounds for an emotional affair.”

In the end, Jeremy said in the book that he and Kate parted ways. “I was resistant because ending my friendship with Kate was difficult — sacrifice always is,” Jeremy wrote. “But sacrifice for the strength of a greater union — your marriage — will always be worth it.” However, when Jeremy and Audrey spoke with In Touch on April 1, Jeremy said the friendship isn’t totally over.

Be sure to watch the video above to see what he has to say about that apparently enduring relationship!

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