Sure Jan! That’s what one redditor wrote after stumbling upon a social media comment Jenelle Evans posted about husband David Eason‘s current custody battle. The Teen Mom 2 star is claiming that her hubby’s baby mama is facing jail time for violating their custody agreement. Now, we’re not lawyers or anything but we’re pretty sure that’s not how the legal system works — plus, it wouldn’t be the mom’s first time bending the truth.

“We have a court date Feb. 20 for David’s son’s custody, and his baby mama is probably going to jail for violating his custody order ?,” she wrote on what appears to be Facebook. Her fans were quick to point out the fact that she’s said in the past that she regained custody of her son Jace (which didn’t happen) arguing that her word doesn’t carry much weight.

Radar Online previously released documents revealing that David and Olivia Leedham are fighting over their son, Kaden. “Plaintiff [Olivia] has communicated to Defendant [David] that she has unilaterally decided to cease any contact or communication between Defendant and the minor child,” the docs read. “Plaintiff has refused to allow the weekend and holiday visitation specified in the court order.”

According to David, his ex is trying to keep his child from seeing him. “Plaintiff does not support the importance of Defendant’s continuing presence in the minor child’s life and is not willing to create a positive environment for the minor child’s development by ensuring defendant’s continuing relationship with the minor child,” the docs continued. They also state: Olivia “does not recognize the importance of allowing the minor child to freely love both parents and does not encourage the minor child to respect and love Defendant.”

So, that fact that Jenelle is saying that Olivia is going to go to jail is somewhat plausible since the exes are battling it out in the court system. But, even if she is telling the truth — fans are saying she has the wrong attitude about the situation.

“I don’t have children but shouldn’t you NOT be happy that your (step)child’s mother is going to jail? You know for the child’s sake and boring things like that…” one redditor commented. Another added, “Smiley face?!? Wtf Jenelle. She sure doesn’t have that kid’s best interest in mind. Kids need both parents. It’s called attachments.” Yikes — we’re curious to see how this will play out come Feb. 20.

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