Former late night host Jay Leno is finalizing paperwork to make sure his longtime wife Mavis is taken care of when he passes, In Touch can exclusively report.

Jay, 74, was appointed conservator of his wife back in April after revealing Mavis, 77, was suffering from dementia. “Unfortunately, Mavis has been progressively losing capacity and orientation to space and time for several years,” Jay’s petition read.

He asked the court to give him the authority to manage Mavis’ estate — which would allow him to make all decisions related to her health and finances. In court documents, Jay said he had managed their finances during their 43-year marriage and “would continue to do so until his passing.”

Jay and Mavis married in 1980. They do not have any children.

A court-appointed official who reviewed Mavis told the court, “Ms. Leno was a delightful person, and although it was clear she had cognitive impairment, she still has a charming personality and could communicate … She reposed great faith and confidence in Mr. Leno relied on him for her protection and guidance.” Mavis’ doctor told the official that Jay’s wife “sometimes does not know her husband, nor her date of birth.” The court signed off on Jay’s petition after reviewing the evidence and testimony from Mavis’ team.

Jay Leno Creates Will to Provide for Dementia-Stricken Wife After His Death, Donating Majority of Fortune to Charity

According to court documents obtained by In Touch, Jay submitted a new petition seeking approval of a Living Trust and Will he had drafted.

He explained his wife only has one sibling, her brother, Rikki Nicholson, and no other living relatives within the second degree. Jay said he had The Leno Trust and the Will of Mavis Leno drafted and wants the court to approve both.

The entertainer said due to his work, he “has more than sufficient resources to ensure excellent lifetime care in their home” for Mavis. Jay’s lawyer added, “Petitioner is concerned regarding the disposition of their community estate after the first death, whether he predeceases Conservatee or Conservatee predeceases him. He wants to be certain that his wife, Conservatee, is provided for in the same manner as she is now, and that their joint testamentary wishes are fulfilled.”

His petition explained the proposed trust is a revocable living trust that will be funded by their community property assets. Jay said he will serve as the initial Trustee because Mavis is unable Jay said, “Upon the death of the first of Petitioner or Conservatee to pass the Proposed Trust directs the Trustee to distribute a pecuniary gift to fund the Leno Support Trust for the benefit of Conservatee’s brother and sole living heir, Rikki Nicholson, and Petitioner’s nephew, Richard Leno, with each such beneficiary entitled to discretionary distributions from the Trust according to each beneficiary’s needs This satisfies Conservatee’s interest in ensuring that her brother is financially secure.”

Jay revealed once they both have passed, the remaining estate will be distributed to the J.D.M. Foundation — which he launched in 1988. The judge has yet to approve the request.

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