Well, that just about solves it! Fans think they solved the mystery of Jana Duggar’s love life! Because, you know, she’s 28, gorgeous, and unmarried — and there just has to be a more compelling reason than just “she hasn’t met the right guy yet,” right? In reality, the answer is probably no… But in the hearts and minds of beloved fans on reddit it’s way, way more complicated than that. Naturally.

One fan took to the site to share his/her own conspiracy theory on Jana’s love life. And, well, we hate to polish our tin-foil hats but it sorta makes sense! The skeptic wrote, “Does anyone think Jim Bob is holding off on marrying Jana to create tension and just when people are getting sick of Counting On, he will marry her off in a royal wedding-type, hyped spectacle?”

Of course, we aren’t full blown conspiracy theorists quite yet! And neither are most of the poster’s fellow redditors. In fact, most people on the subreddit disagreed with him/her. “No, because he runs the risk of losing much of her value once she hits her 30s. I really do think she’s single and living at home by choice. We can speculate why she’s making that choice — it could be some kind of emotional baggage or anxiety related to marriage, or a hang up about the perfect guy. But I don’t think it’s a long con, personally,” one fan wrote. Another, more optimistic poster wrote, “No because even though I disagree with their religion, I don’t think Jim Bob is pimping out his children so that he can make money.”

Of course, by her own admission, Jana is just waiting for the perfect guy — though she has been the first one to admit that it has been challenging. “I know how it feels to wait for ‘Prince Charming’ to come along,” she said. “I’m still waiting. Waiting is not always easy.”

Well, while we’d love to agree with the more “creative” thinkers out there, we’re going to have agree with the majority — it really does seem like she just hasn’t met the right guy yet! Fingers crossed it happens soon!

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