Luckily we already know that everything turned out (mostly) okay in real life, but in recent clip from Counting On, there was a scary moment for pregnant Joy-Anna Duggar and her baby. When Jana Duggar, who’s a doula, tried to help her sister Joy and their younger sisters Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace, and Josie listen in to the baby’s heartbeat, there was an agonizing moment where they couldn’t quite find it. Between a baby who’d been moving around and the equipment itself, it took a few minutes — and we pretty much held our breath the whole time. 

Luckily, Jana was able to find it eventually. Though Joy had heard her son Gideon Forsyth‘s heartbeat before, it was a first for Jordyn and Josie. Since they’re the youngest of the 19 Duggar siblings, they never had a chance to hear the heartbeat during one of mom Michelle Duggar‘s pregnancies — and they were probably still too young to accompany any of their big sisters to their doctor visits. Since Jana knows how to use a fetal Doppler, a machine that helps you listen in to a baby’s heartbeat in utero, they were able to share the special moment with their sibs. Check it out. 

“My pregnancy has been amazing, I mean, compared to I guess most of my family,” Joy shares in the clip. “I haven’t had morning sickness unless I didn’t eat in the morning… Just been tired, but I would take that any day over being sick.” Her pregnancy may have been unlike her sister’s, but unfortunately, her birth experience was a little too similar. Like older sister Jill Duggar, Joy also needed to be rushed to the hospital to have an emergency C-section. Luckily, Joy had Jill by her side, both for emotional support and because of her skills as a mid-wife.

Though Jill has been outspoken about becoming a midwife and what her experience has been like helping deliver babies, casual fans of the TLC show may not have known that Jana is also a doula. The two sisters actually did some training together, and even worked as part of the same birth team at one point. “I am really enjoying learning about natural birth, and working as a midwife assistant and doula,” Jana wrote in a blog for TLC back in 2013. “I plan on using the skills that I’ve developed through these experiences to help my family and friends now and in the future.” When push came to shove, we’re sure Joy was glad to have her. 

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