If you’re a mom with any kind of social media following, mom-shaming is pretty much just a part of life. Former Married at First Sight star Jamie Otis is tired of it, though. Despite mostly doing her best to ignore the constant criticism, it sometimes gets the best of her — and in those situations, she’s learned how to clap back. While chatting with In Touch to promote her partnership with Proov, the first at-home progesterone test that provides results in just five minutes, the reality star mama opened up about what dealing with the hate is really like.

“Any woman who can shame another woman on anything in life, I, like, don’t really get it,” Jamie, 33, exclusively told In Touch. “Truly, I’ve got really thick skin, and I’ve gotten to a point where I genuinely, if there’s a mommy-shamer, I try so hard to just straight-up ignore it. Obviously, my hormones get the best of me and I’m only human, so occasionally I respond.” When that happens, the mom, who is currently expecting her second child, admits it’s “usually” in a “very sarcastic way.” She explained, “It’s like, who do you think you are? You haven’t walked in my shoes, you have no idea what you’re talking about. … I’m like, ‘You jerk!'” Every now and then, she can get caught up in the moment and snap — and if she feels bad, she can always delete the comment later.

For the most part, though, the Married at First Sight: Unfiltered host tries to focus on the positive. “I think, ultimately, for every mommy-shamer out there, there are a hundred women who are dying to love and support you,” she said. “I mean that not just [for] me, but each other. There are women looking for communities of love and support because they have also been mommy-shamed. … I genuinely believe that with my whole entire heart, and I believe that the mommy-shamer is just hiding behind a computer screen writing some hostile thing to me, and, really, they’re just sad about something in their own life.”

That’s why she also tries to have sympathy for those spewing negativity. “I just feel bad for that person,” she admitted. “Like, you must be so misunderstood in your own life, you must have gone through something yourself that has caused you to have so much anger and hostility, and this isn’t directed at me, it’s directed at yourself. And I really believe that in my heart and my soul, so I try to just love that person. … That doesn’t make it OK, but I will pray for them!”

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