She’ll never back down. Jameela Jamil has yet again slammed the Kardashians for promoting quick weight loss tips. After Kim Kardashian posted a swipe-up to an article titled, “What to Eat to Slim Down in a Short Amount of Time” from Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh blog, the Good Place actress, 34, went off.

“Gah Please don’t try to slim down in a short amount of time,” Jameela tweeted on Friday, April 3, with a screenshot of the SKIMS founder’s Instagram post. “Take it from a former anorexic, it doesn’t last, makes it harder to stabilize your weight and can trigger long term unhealthy eating patterns/fixation. IF you’re changing your body, please do it slowly, with experts.”

Courtesy of Jameela Jamil / Twitter

Replying to her own tweet, the body-positive beauty continued her rant in several follow-up messages. “I was sent this picture by hundreds of girls who were triggered by it. I truly think what she does with prison reform is so excellent, but I wish celebs wouldn’t flog quick-fix weight loss methods to vulnerable people,” she explained. “Many are struggling with body image in this time of stress and lockdown. I wish celebrities wouldn’t perpetuate obsession with thinness.”

Jameela went on to address how many people may be feeling down on themselves while in quarantine with little freedom and shared some words of encouragement. “If you’re struggling with your weight and image in a moment of new foods, less exercise and general loss of control, just try to breathe and know it is only your responsibility to stay safe and protect others, not to be thin,” she said. “This time will pass. Avoid scales. Focus on survival. And PLEASE know celebs/influencers have SO much help to look how they do. Comparing yourself to them isn’t fair game. Focus on mental health, not speedy thinness. Give yourself a break.”

While the actress has made some strong claims against the Keeping Up With the Kardashians family, she insists she is not out to get them. “I don’t cancel the Kardashians or Iggy Azalea or Cardi B. I’m not canceling them, I’m reprimanding them,” she told Charlamagne tha God during an interview released by The Hollywood Reporter in May 2019. “It’s fine to call someone out because you’re offering them the opportunity of changing and doing better.”

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