At it again! YouTube star Jaclyn Hill announced that she’s dropping a new holiday makeup collection five months after receiving backlash for her botched lipsticks. The beauty vlogger created a series of highlight products and fans are keeping their fingers crossed that it will be a huge success. There are three different formulas, along with corresponding brushes, that will be released on November 26.

People are skeptical about the new products after the makeup guru’s drama-filled summer. “Is it as hairy as your previous attempt?” someone slammed the influencer on Instagram. “These products won’t have hair in it right?” a separate user echoed. “Don’t you still owe people money?” another person asked referring to the refunds requested by her previous customers. A few others even accused her of ripping off the aesthetic of Rihanna‘s Fenty Beauty. “This looks like the @fentybeauty powder lid,” one user observed. “Fenty vibes,” a commenter noted.

Jaclyn Hill Released Highlighter Holiday Collection 5 Months After Botched Lipsticks Fan Backlash

Back in June, the 29-year-old’s first launch from her own product line ended in disaster. Customers documented some lipsticks that were bumpy or covered in what appeared to be a hair-like fiber. Jaclyn took a month-long hiatus from social media and YouTube but is back to apply what she’s learned. “I have felt so humiliated and like a failure. At the same time, I have never been so thankful for anything in my entire life — as weird as it is — because I have never learned so much from an experience that I learned from my first launch,” she explained in a video about her holiday collection on November 14.

“I believe in the depths of my soul that I was put through that for a reason because I had a major wakeup call. Like, major,” she added. “I was so confident in my first launch that I was cocky and I definitely took the time to step back and see where all the errors and mistakes were made and I was able to correct those.”

She is releasing three different ways to help you glow for the holidays. The Accent Light formulation includes two palettes with four shades in each. The Flash palette is for light to medium skin tones while the Flare is for medium to dark tones. Next, the Mood Light formula is to create that “glow from within.” There are five shades available, and Jaclyn recommends using it all over your face or even as a setting powder.

New Jaclyn Hill Highlighter Products Holiday Collection

Finally, the Beaming Light formula also has five shades. It will give you a “blinding highlight,” and the brunette beauty dished about the unique formula that goes from powder to cream. “When you put it on your brush, it’s loose powder. But, once you apply to the skin it feels like a moisturizer,” she explained.

“The reason I am launching this is not for myself — because me as myself I am terrified. I am scared. I am freaking out,” Jaclyn confessed about the upcoming launch. “But, I am doing this for the girls and boys I meet … the people who are constantly telling me how my videos have impacted them and changed their lives. I am doing this for you guys.”

Time will tell how Jaclyn’s latest launch plays out.

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