You know what they say — 35th time is a charm!

Rodrigo Alves — better known as the “Human Ken Doll” — has gone under the knife again for his 35th plastic surgery procedure.

The 32-year-old Londoner traveled to Colombia earlier this week for his most recent operation, which involved further defining his facial features.

While he’s obviously quite open to plastic surgery, he’s using his experience to educate others about cosmetic operations.

“Plastic surgery is so in demand and I’m trying to educate people, because I’ve made my share of mistakes in the past,” he tells Us Weekly.

“I have only had to have this amount of plastic surgery because a few of them did not go well.”

Rodrigo, who has spent more than $325,000 on plastic surgery, says his appearance on Botched inspired him to create a TV show where he works with doctors to give back to people seeking plastic surgery.

“People send me their stories of their own lives asking for surgeries, thinking I’d be able to help them out,” he says. “I read each of them… Very humble people who don’t have much in their lives and have body image issues.”

human ken

Rodrigo before many of his operations (left) and after (right).

While he may be a fan of plastic surgery, he knows it’s not for everyone.

“It’s a surgery, and there are risks involved,” he explains. “To those who tried going to the gym and diet and it didn’t work, then consult a surgeon — but do your research first!”

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Rodrigo has always been honest about his procedures — and now he’s slamming “Human Barbie” Valeria Lukyanova, who claims she’s only had breast implants and the rest of her tiny figure (pictured below) is the result of hard work, diet and exercise.

“I don’t think she represents anything positive in society. She has a look that is not achievable to anyone,” he says, blasting the 28-year-old.

“How can someone like that be a positive role model? Imagine girls who look at her and want to achieve that — they’ll endure starvation, get plastic surgery procedures.”

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