Today, the fast pace of the world has resulted in many opportunities. Some people create these opportunities for themselves, by branding and establishing themselves in a particular sector. Whereas others, are invested in ensuring that talented people are given a platform, to showcase the value they can add to the world. Such people are visionaries and see the best in people’s potential.

Modern-day visionaries, Nicky Gathrite and Tara Electra, have been able to create a top modeling agency called Unruly Agency. This company has been in operation for more than two years, and has managed to stand out, by having the largest and most influential talent roster in the world.

Unruly Agency
Courtesy of Unruly Agency

The concept behind Unruly Agency is unique because the co-founders believe in setting trends, not following them. Unruly did not disappoint this last week, as they promoted events during Super Bowl Weekend in Los Angeles. They consider this a great honor, to have the biggest events trust them, to make their event the place to be. For example, they helped Shaq’s Funhouse be a huge success as it sold out the 5,000-person venue. Some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities and athletes said they only attended the venue to see the Unruly models. Some notable members of their roster, seen walking red carpets, were Tana Mongeau, Casey Boonstra, Lauren Blake, Janet Guzman, and Nathan Webb from Too Hot To Handle. Unruly models were also seen at the Hwood and Revolve event, getting flashed by paparazzi, as they entered the venue to see Drake perform.

They aspire to find other projects to showcase their talented models. The company has set its objectives for the future with confidence В and believes in its growth and influential power to expand beyond social platforms. The social platforms, where they display the talent of their models, has been an important aspect of the success of the company, and will continue to do so. However, they now feel they are ready to go beyond the walls of social media.

Unruly’s success at promoting events by Tao Group, EDC, Hakkasan, and now Super Bowl Weekend, has already proved they are the company that can make anywhere the number one place to be. This will lead to many other opportunities that they expect will result in rapid growth. Their mindset of building a strong community of like-minded people, and expanding their reach, is motivating and inspiring.

This top modeling agency is one of a kind for many reasons. Their ability to connect brands, events and customers, through effective and engaging content, is one reason for their success. Another is their level of experience and the successful marketing strategies they have been implementing. Innovation and creativity is also a factor that has helped them build on their success.

The Unruly family is going strong and will continue to grow significantly in the coming years. “We always believe in building careers and helping people go in the right direction” the founders said. “The plans and strategies we design for our customers and clients are tailor-made to add to each person’s success.”

The way Unruly Agency has connected their success to their customer’s achievements, is extraordinary and something they are extremely proud of.

Written in partnership with Amir Bakian

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