This latest trend in brow beauty is a natural, low maintenance look that’s crossed over from high fashion to everyday style. The look can range from light and fluffy brows that reach up just over your natural arch to dramatic brows that resemble feathers. Expert makeup artist Nikki Wolff, well known for her signature feathered brows like those seen here, shares how to get the look.

Nikki’s top tips on achieving the perfect natural-looking feathered brows:

1. Start by combing brows upward, using a spoolie to separate and define hairs.

2. I prefer to leave brow hairs long and natural, but if yours are a little too unruly, use beauty scissors and angle them downward toward the brow hairs to trim any that are out of place. This will help the end of the brow to look more tapered and not too blunt.

Japonesque Feathered Brows model

Photo courtesy of @nikki_makeup

3. Fill in any gaps with your brow product of choice — I love to use gel pomades with an angled brush for a really defined look, or pencils for a softer finish. Start with a light touch

and create small strokes to replicate the natural hair.

4. At this point, I like to pluck any hairs that aren’t in line with the brow you’ve created. Doing this after, not before, filling in the brows helps to ensure that you don’t inadvertently remove too many strays!

Japonesque feathered brow model

Photo courtesy of @nikki_makeup

5. Finish with a brow gel or a setting soap to keep your perfect brows defined and in place all day!

Japonesque Feather Brows

Photo courtesy of @nikki_makeup

Tools of the Trade

“These are professional quality tools and are basics to achieve any great brow look,” says Wolff. She recommends JAPONESQUE® Luxe Brow Kit $13.99 at 

Japonesque Luxe Brow Kit

The JAPONESQUE® Luxe Brow Kit shapes brows for professional quality brow care at home or on the go. For more inspiration visit Japonesque on Instagram @Japonesque.

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