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We have a confession to make.

We’re kind of done with going to the nail salon. Look, we love a little me-time as much as anyone else. We know a trip to the hair or nail salon can be therapeutic, but these days it just feels like such a hassle — not to mention the price. 

For a long time, though, it felt like we had no choice. Our at-home skills were seriously lacking. Our left hand might look okay, but the second we went to do the right? Forget about it. Smudge city. If we wanted a professional-looking manicure, we had to go to the professionals.

Well, that was true… until now.

Enter: Nailboo. The at-home dip kit is the manicure set we’ve (and probably you’ve) been waiting for. 

You might be a little skeptical of the at-home option — we get it, we’ve been burned before too — but Nailboo has perfected their dip kits to make it easy, simple, and quick to get a flawless manicure or pedicure, every time.

In this article, we’ll give you all the deets on why we’re obsessed with Nailboo and why you should be too. 

You can check out their massive color selection and product line on their website here.

Same Selection, Less Waiting

We were hesitant at first about at-home nail kits. Honestly, we couldn’t justify making the switch to the at-home method if we couldn’t recreate salon quality. After a few times using Nailboo, we decided we were never going back.

A Manicure on Your Time

Most nail salons these days require appointments. You can’t just wake up one morning and decide you want a new color on your fingers or toes.

You have to make the appointment, get to the salon, wait a bit for a chair, then sit and wait, and wait, and then wait some more. That’s not even including if you want to do something special like gel color or acrylics. We don’t want to diminish the work that professional nail care artists do, but we have to wonder: Isn’t there a better way to get a simple manicure?

Nailboo cuts out all of that planning and waiting. You can decide when you want to paint your nails and get a flawless set in mere minutes. Not an hour — minutes. 

What nail salon is offering something like that?

Just as Many Colors, if Not More

If you get your nails done regularly, you’re probably familiar with the feeling of standing in front of a display of nail polish and figuring out what color you want to get. It may be overwhelming at times, but this is an important and treasured part of the nail salon experience.

You might be wondering if making the switch to Nailboo would mean compromising on color selection, and we’re happy to say it doesn’t at all.

The brand has 60+ colors, including glitter, matte, and translucent dips for whatever type of mood you’re in. Springtime pastels, summery neons, dark winter colors; they have it all and are constantly adding more so you can create a collection of your fave colors. 

All the Tutorials

Don’t worry if you’re not a nail art expert. You don’t need a steady hand to get a salon-quality manicure with Nailboo. They make it easy to apply all of their products. Their website is stacked with tutorials, from their basic manicure to impressive-looking nail art.

We also love following their Instagram account for nail inspo and tips and tricks on applying dip powders. Give them a follow here and see all of the incredible manicures and pedicures people are doing at home!

A Perfect Manicure in Minutes

The million-dollar question. Is it actually possible to get a perfect manicure without spending hours in a nail salon?

The money-saving answer: yes.

We’ve been using Nailboo for a few months now and have received so many compliments about our nails. Normally we’d keep a little beauty secret like this to ourselves, but we’re spreading the word about Nailboo far and wide. It’s too good! 

Manicure Tips at Home
Courtesy of Nailboo

Dip Powder Has Never Been Easier

Are you new to dip powder? We know it can be a little intimidating if you’re used to using polish, but we promise it’s so easy.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect when you get a Nailboo dip kit. 

  1. First, you’ll prep your nails. Push the cuticle back, file your nails to the length you want them, and wash your hands with soap and water. This all ensures an even coat of the dip color. 
  2. Next, you’ll add your base coat. There are two steps for this. First, apply the base coat liquid. Then, put your nails into the build powder. This step gives something for the color powder to latch onto, so you can get a long-lasting manicure. 
  3. Then, you’ll add color. Apply the base liquid again and dip your nails into one of Nailboo’s 60+ colors. 
  4. Next, you’ll fortify your manicure by applying the activation liquid. This is what eliminates any drying time. Within seconds, your nails are dry and ready to go. 
  5. Finally, you’ll add a topcoat for shiny, durable nails. 

That’s it! Seriously, it’s so easy and fast. 

A Long-Lasting At-Home Manicure

One of the biggest differences between Nailboo’s dip kit and a traditional nail salon is how long your manicure will last.

Gone are the days of chipped or smudged nails, days after a trip to the nail salon. Nailboo’s manicures last three to six weeks. We’ll rephrase that. You can get a perfect manicure that lasts over a month at home. We’re living in the future, people. 

Easy To Apply, Easy To Take Off

If you want to change it up within that month, Nailboo also makes it easy to remove their dips. Their dip kit includes remover clips and nail files so you don’t have to make a trip to the salon or damage your nails to remove the color.

Honestly, this brand has thought of everything. It’s clear that they’re nail care lovers, same as us, and they designed Nailboo to address everything wrong with getting a manicure or pedicure. 

Check out all of Nailboo’s easy-to-use accessories and products today!

More and More People Are Ditching the Nail Salon

We’re not alone in our enthusiasm for Nailboo. Countless numbers of people are hardcore loyalists for the brand, after experiencing what their dip powders can do.

In fact, it’s got people leaving nail salons in droves, opting to do their nails at home instead. 

TikTok and Instagram Are Obsessed

We first discovered Nailboo on TikTok. We see the brand everywhere, with at-home enthusiasts showing off impressive manicures and pedicures.

People swear by it (even people who wouldn’t consider themselves nail artists… or even creative). Nailboo makes the homemade professional manicure possible, and the raves across social media convinced us to give it a try. 

Reviews on Reviews on Reviews

As if that wasn’t enough, Nailboo’s website is absolutely flooded with positive reviews. You can find five stars and glowing comments from people all over the country who are offically never going back to the salon again.

You don’t just have to take it from us. Here’s a selection of a few of our fave reviews: 

  • “​​Love love love this product! It’s so addicting! Easy to use, with the best color dip choices! Love Nailboo!” – Lara
  • “It was super easy, fun, and fast. They are extremely durable and you dont have to wait forever for them to dry. I have never done a nail dip before or anything besides regular nail polish. Anyone can do this!!” – Brianna
  • “​​Nailboo is my favorite dip brand of any dips I have ever tried! The quality is unmatched and it is even easier than painting my nails! It really is salon quality from home. Hi, I’m Miranda and I’m a Nailboo addict!” – Miranda

Getting excited to do your own nails? We thought so.

Get your Nailboo dip kit now, and start getting professional-quality manicures in a fraction of the time.

Perfect Results, Every Time

We honestly can’t believe the quality, every time we pull our nails out of the dip and put the topcoat on. It’s like magic.

We’ve started to really look forward to doing our own nails — we’ve never said that before Nailboo!

Say Goodbye to the Salon and Hello to Nailboo

From their easy-to-understand tutorials to their colorful selection to their amazing, long-lasting results, we’re Nailboo obsessed!

Never again will we spend hours in a nail salon just to get a chip the next day. Never again will we dish out dollars on dollars for something we can do at home.

Nailboo is the way to get impressive, striking, and beautiful manicures and pedicures on your own and for less.


Try out the starter kit on Nailboo’s website, and see how quickly you become a convert.


You can purchase one, four, or six colors to get started. We have a feeling your color collection will start to grow once you see how perfect Nailboo’s at-home method turns out. Have fun!

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