When we met Jen Arnold and Bill Klein on The Little Couple, they were childless and perfectly content focusing on their careers and each other. Oh, how the times have changed! Now in their ninth season, the duo has a lot to take into consideration, especially their two kids, six-year-old Will and five-year-old Zoey. They’re making it super clear that if the kids want to pull the plug on the show, it’s over!

“Once you have kids, you start to really think about what is the impact of having a show that documents your lives and how that might affect them,” Bill told E! News. He said that he and Jen actually talk about the option to quit a lot, but for now it’s safe to say the series will continue. “[They] seem to have fun,” said Jen. “The moment that changes, that’s when we’ll have to make that decision. As long as it’s a positive show, as long as our kids are having fun with it and it’s not negatively impacting them, then maybe it’s an okay thing to continue on.”

However, they have themselves to take into account too, and the show adds a lot to their plate. Jen is a doctor, and that’s a tough job. Bill said they have pretty “good work-life balance—for the most part,” but it can be hard. “It’s just a matter of, okay, kids comes first, our family comes first, careers come second and then, you know, everything thereafter,” explained Jen. That means the show will be the first to go if things become overwhelming.

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There’s also the aspect of being judged by fans. “The reality is that we’re terrible actors, so what you see is what you get,” said Bill. “We’re always trying to improve. So hopefully, if you don’t like it, then maybe we’re working on those problems.” He knows that mistakes can happen, but they always have the best intentions. “We try to do our best with our kids. We try to provide guidance and discipline and all of those things. Sometimes, I think people see a snippet of television and they infer a great deal more insight into how we manage our family.” You can watch it all unfold Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.

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