Doubling Down With the Derricos fans know Deon Derrico’s mother, GG Derrico, has been battling cancer for the last few years. Fans are curious about the matriarch’s health after she decided to stop chemotherapy treatment.

What Happened to ‘Doubling Down With the Derricos’ Star GG Derrico?

GG has been fighting lung cancer and related health issues for 10 years, ever since her diagnosis in 2014. In 2022, she learned the cancerous tumor in her lung had grown to the size of a “baseball.”

During season 5, the reality TV alum announced her decision to stop chemotherapy treatment. GG was adamant she didn’t want the radiation treatment, but her doctor encouraged her to consider it.

“Radiation is something that terrifies me more than chemo because if I go through that radiation, it will be something else after that,” she shared in a confessional interview in August 2023. “I feel like I’m never gonna stop climbing this mountain. I am done.”

Previously GG struggled with the side effects of chemotherapy — which included a “very low” white blood cell count.

“It’s not just the physical fight,” she said during a July 2023 episode. “It’s the mental fight, it’s the emotional fight. I can only fight so much.”

Deon later opened up on his mom’s health in June 2024, explaining that it’s been “very challenging navigating through the many changes.”

“GG, now she’s still just dealing with the residual effects of the chemo. So she still has good days and bad days,” he told Parade in June 2024. “You know, she has days when I’m asking God like, ‘God, what now?’ And then she has days, I said, ‘Oh my, you know you’re looking pretty good today.’”

Deon called GG’s health a “day-to-day” battle. “I don’t know when we will be to a point—and I hope soon—but I don’t know when we’ll be to a point where I’m able to really relax and not have it constantly as a cloud, if you will, over me,” he continued.

He thanked God that she was still alive, despite her having to “take it very easy.”

How Is GG Derrico’s Health Now?

Deon shared a scary update on GG’s health on June 24, 2024.

“This past week has been a doozie to say the least… today both GG, and I were literally in emergency at the same time!! We are both okay now!!” Deon wrote via Instagram alongside a photo of their hospital bracelets. “GG’s potassium was very low and she was dehydrated. They are keeping her in the hospital for further observations but she’s talking smack and getting on my case which is always a great sign!”

Hours later, the father of 14 shared another update on his mother’s health. “Hey family and friends, thank you for your prayers and concerns,” he wrote as he snapped a selfie from the medical facility. “GG, is doing much better now and they are keeping her in the hospital overnight! We will be updating you guys on GG, as we’re filming behind the scenes as a way of keeping you all up to date!”

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