How Gamelancer Has Leveraged @Gaming To Create Shareable Gaming News on Social

Gaming hasn’t always been this advanced or exciting. Believe it or not, the first modern video games were invented in the 1950s and 1960s. In games like Atari and Pong, the motives and obstacles were simple, but they were still entertaining.

Now, however, we’re in a day and age where technology has advanced to the point of customizable gaming experiences with VR and professional gaming careers. Gaming is about more than what you’re playing; it’s about who you’re playing with. Gaming nowadays is about sharing your gaming experiences with other gamers online, connecting with friends live, and making new friends while gaming.

For some, gaming is entertainment. For some, it’s a hobby, and for others, gaming is a full-time career. With the resurgence of new video game inventions and the rise of gaming as a profession, gaming isn’t just a game anymore.

Bringing Innovation and Community Into the Gaming World

The gaming world is a booming place for connection and business, filled with incredible communities, educational forums, and virtual friendships.

Gaming has far surpassed a bouncing ball moving between two paddles, and thanks to Gamelancer, the fastest-growing Gen-Z gaming network in the world, gaming is now a truly shared experience.

They want to be part of the changing world of gaming. According to Razvan Romanescu, the Co-Founder & CEO of Gamelancer Inc., “The future is gaming and NFTs—we are at the frontier of a massive shift in how gaming and the world intersects at scale. Gamelancer is positioned to be the largest Gen-Z gaming conglomerate to spearhead cloud gaming and audio connectivity.”

With over 20 million fans and upwards of 800 million monthly video views across its owned and operated channels, including @gaming on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Gamelancer focuses on bringing innovation and community into the gaming world.

The Now and the Future of Gaming

Gamelancer has leveraged @gaming to create shareable gaming news on social media. Their multiple social platforms have completely changed how individuals game because of how they interact while gaming.

Having developed a unique platform designed to simplify audio connectivity between gamers and elevate the overall online gaming experience, this is a company that has changed and shaped the now and the future of gaming.

Gamelancer doesn’t stop there. They’ve also planned to launch a direct-to-consumer brand called Gspecs, which will focus on innovative gaming products.


You Know What Gaming Is, But Have You Heard of @Gaming?

At this point, you’ve probably heard of @gaming, but if you haven’t, here’s all you need to know. On mainstream social media platforms, Gamelancer holds accounts that go by the handle @gaming.

On TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, Gamelancer has brought together millions of people who love gaming and connecting with other gamers. Just this month, on all their platforms, they’ve generated one billion watch views of their videos and have brought together millions of people.

On Instagram, @gaming supplies news and media on upcoming happenings on Gamelancer and updates about the gaming world. On the @gaming Instagram page, they also list upcoming game releases and experiences that are soon arriving to the gaming world and are available for the Gamelancer community to play.

On Instagram, @gaming is a space for individuals to get all the information they need about viral gaming news. From updates on new Xbox merch to news on company updates and important game reviews, @gaming is the only go-to news space for serious gamers who want to be ‘on the in’ of the gaming world.

Connect Gamers Across the Globe

With over 7.5 million followers on TikTok and 362 million likes, following @gaming is like getting the best secrets, the best tips, and seeing how other gamers play, all in one account.

@gaming teaches followers about secret ways to collect diamonds on Minecraft, smarter ways to game in Call of Duty, and tips to stay alive in Fortnite. This famous TikTok account also discusses newly-released games, products, and major updates in the gaming world.

With hundreds of thousands of views on each video, @gaming on TikTok is also a space for gamers to identify with other fellow gamers. With funny TikTok trend videos and gaming tutorials, @gaming is also a space for gamers to laugh and learn with each other.

Do you know why this is important? Gamers weren’t always taken seriously. For so long, gamers have been misunderstood as individuals who sit around and play video games all day.

Gamelancer and their gaming platforms are here to show and connect gamers across the globe and prove that gaming takes skill, time, talent, and community.

Gamelancer’s @gaming Twitter page is no different. With updates from Xbox, PS5, and news about anti-cheat software, @gaming on Twitter is another social platform for individuals to get all the information they need, anytime.

They want to be front and center of the global conversation between gamers.“Our mission with our social channels initially was to keep people entertained while learning more about their favorite games during the pandemic lockdowns. During that time, the endless support we’ve received from the gaming community has been truly humbling as our network growth has been massive and unparalleled. We’re looking forward to continuing to drive value for gamers, creators, and collectors globally as we head into the future of gaming together. We aim to empower gamers through simple ways to connect with others, validate/add utilities for unique NFTs, and well-designed innovative consumer goods for gamers,” says Darren Lopes, the Co-Founder & COO of Gamelancer Inc.

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