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The number of female entrepreneurs has seen a steep rise globally over the last few years. Women are proving their mettle by juggling not just the household but also enterprises, bringing more diversity to the workplace. Eva Akhter is one such female entrepreneur who is not only making a mark in the digital world with her innovative marketing strategies but also breaking stereotypes in the modeling industry as an Instagram model. Akhter is the founder and CEO of A5 Media, a renowned digital marketing agency based in Canada. The 35-year-old model also owns a fashion brand named JW4DOGGO and is an advocate for animal rights.

Born and raised in a traditional Pakistani family, Akhter was always restricted when it came to pursuing her dreams as a model. Immigrating to Canada a decade ago proved to be a turning point in Akhter’s life. With the support of her husband and family, Akhter became a fashion model on Instagram. While the majority of people idealize models as 6 feet tall, 100 lbs. young women with sculpted features, Akhter managed to go against the grain and succeed without the help of a modeling agency. She showed the world that women of all shapes and sizes could look stunning with the right fashion sense.

Eva Akhter soon started gaining thousands of followers on Instagram and eventually received brand deals for influencer marketing. This opened a new world of possibilities for Akhter, who started exploring social media as a marketing tool. After gaining considerable knowledge and experience in digital marketing, Akhter founded A5 Media to help brands grow their social media presence. As the company’s CEO, Akhter has always believed in discovering strategies that will separate her clients from their competitors.

Innovative ideas and visually creative content have been the biggest strengths of A5 Media in helping brands grow online. Akhter believes digital marketing has come a long way, and marketers cannot blindly follow a standard formula to get the desired results. Progressive apps and eye-soothing visuals dominate the digital marketing field. It is more about being unique than being on trend. Akhter’s views on the evolving digital marketing scenario and online modeling have been featured in renowned media outlets like International Business Times, Tech Bullion, Newstrail.com, Euro Weekly, Value Walk, etc.

Inspired by the film John Wick and her love for dogs, Eva Akhter started a lifestyle brand, JW4DOGGO, which originally stood for “I will go John Wick for my Doggo.” Eva believes that many dog parents like her would go above and beyond to protect their furry babies. The brand offers an impressive collection of tees, hoodies, and caps with the line “I will go John Wick for my Doggo ” on them. A portion of the profits from JW4DOGGO goes to nonprofits working to stop animal abuse.

Eva Akhter is looking forward to continuing to collaborate with top fashion and lifestyle brands as an Instagram model and scaling up A5 Media into a household digital marketing name in Canada, all the while championing a cause that’s close to her heart.

Eva Akhter
Courtesy of Eva Akhter

Akhter was the only influencer in Toronto who got to walk the red carpet at TIFF for What’s Love Got to Do With It?


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