WARNING: Some of the information within this post contains sensitive information that may be considered disturbing for some audiences and should be approached with caution.

As more details come out about Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star Mama June’s relationship with convicted sex offender Mark McDaniel, the more disturbing the story becomes…

Shortly after June’s oldest daughter, 20-year-old Anna, said she was the victim of his molestation, a police report was made available with the awful details of the abuse — including the revelation that her younger sister Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, then just 3-years-old, was allegedly forced to watch McDaniel abuse her 8-year-old sister in at least one 2002 incident.

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“Anna…stated that her sister, Lauryn, is in the bed with them when this is going on,” an officer wrote in the incident report after she had an interview with the police.

Strangely enough, despite witnessing the incident as a young child, the 14-year-old had previously publicly accused her older sister of making up the entire thing on Instagram earlier this week.

mark mcdaniels mug shot

Anna, who is a married woman with a two-year-old child of her own now, recently opened up to In Touch and said that even her mom accused her of lying.

“She said, ‘Why did you make this up?’” the 20-year-old tells the mag. “As a child who is 8, who knows nothing about sex, how could I make up a story like that?”