Holly Madison has fired back at Crystal Hefner after receiving a cease and desist letter from Crystal’s lawyers.

Holly, 44, told her ​”Girls Next Level” cohost Bridget Marquardt that she “got some toilet paper delivered,” referring to the letter from Crystal’s legal team, in an interview with TMZ on Friday, June 14.

“We got this cease and desist, and it was in reference to the episode we did with Marston Hefner, maybe a month or two ago,” the former Girls Next Door star said. “It was wild.”

Bridget, 50, chimed in and added, “It is wild because there’s accusations in the cease and desist that we said things that were never said.”

Holly claimed that she, Bridget and Marston, 34, were “obnoxiously careful” about what they said during the episode regarding Crystal, 38.

“My favorite thing that [Crystal] said in the cease and desist was that we allegedly said that she was involved in ‘doping up’ [Hugh Hefner], and if I remember correctly in the podcast, Marston said that he was ‘a little bit disturbed at the amount of medication that his father was receiving,’ but he said that ‘when you’re that rich and powerful there’s always going to be somebody that will write you that prescription,’” Holly continued.

The Holly’s World alum clarified that she didn’t believe Marston’s comments were referencing Crystal. Instead she “took that to mean that he felt like when you have that kind of access there’s always going to be a doctor somewhere who’s maybe going to give you a little too much if you want it.”

Holly Madison Slams Crystal Hefner’s Cease and Desist Letter
Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images

“I’m not backing down,” Holly said. “Here’s how I feel about this: There’s a thing that I like to call ‘legal bullying,’ when people who think they’re richer than everybody else pay their attorneys to send cease and desists to people to shut them up. You’re trying to intimidate somebody into shutting up.”

The former Playboy Bunnies also claimed that both of their legal teams, along with Marston’s legal team, approved the podcast before it aired.

On Tuesday, June 11, TMZ reported that Crystal’s cease and desist letter claimed that Bridget, Holly and Marston’s comments on the May 12 episode of “Girls Next Level” about her allegedly giving Hugh too much medication were “malicious and intentionally misleading.”

“Nothing could be further from the truth. As we understand it, Ms. Hefner was steadfast in her commitment to Mr. Hefner through his final days, ensuring that he was cared for and received the best medical attention available,” the letter reportedly stated.

In a statement given to TMZ, Crystal’s attorney said, “Ms. Hefner will not have her name and reputation tarnished by opportunists. We stand by the contents of the letter and will enforce Ms. Hefner’s rights to the fullest.”

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