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Too Hot to Handle’s Haley Cureton Calls Out Francesca Farago for Partying While COVID Positive 

Drama, drama, drama! Too Hot to Handle alum Haley Cureton called out former friend Francesca Farago for allegedly partying in Mexico after testing positive for COVID-19. For her part, Francesca denied the allegations, but it looks like this feud is not ending anytime soon.

On Monday, March 8, Haley, 22, released a lengthy statement on her Instagram Story about why her friendship with Francesca, 27, was seemingly nonexistent. 

Too Hot to Handle's Haley and Francesca Drama
Haley Cureton/Instagram

“Would you stay friends with someone who tested positive for COVID [three] times and went out to hotels, restaurants and clubs every single time?” Haley’s written message began. “Literally spreading a deadly disease to innocent people. Would you stay friends with someone who laughs at you for how much $$ you make, makes fun of people for their looks, doesn’t give AF about you or anyone else unless it benefits themselves?”

She continued, “I wouldn’t, and that’s why me and Francesca aren’t friends anymore. I tried to hang on to that friendship, but I just couldn’t anymore … Life is too short to keep negative energy around and not care about others.” The Florida native added, “karma will speak the rest.”

Haley then posted text message “receipts,” which included alleged messages from Francesca talking about having COVID on dates that aligned with her being out in Tulum, Mexico. Haley claimed she did not “participate” in going out and “stayed at the Airbnb the whole time.”

Haley Cureton and Francesca Farago COVID Drama Explained
Francesca Farago/Instagram

Francesca responded to Haley’s claims shortly after via Twitter. “Every single thing that has came [SIC] out of Haley’s mouth has been a lie,” the Canadian reality star wrote. “It’s hard for me to defend myself without completely throwing her under the bus. But I spent a year taking the high road with my ex [Harry Jowsey], and clearly, that got me nowhere since he’s still out to get me.” Francesca also shared alleged text messages from Haley where her former friend said she wasn’t going to “say anything negative.”

Although Francesca said she would go on Instagram Live to tell her side of the story, she also posted a written statement because the “fake drama” wasn’t “relevant enough” to address “on Instagram.” 

“Just to clarify, I stayed in the entire time I was sick. I only left the house after 10 days (doctor’s orders) when I wasn’t contagious anymore and had zero symptoms. Anyone in the villa can confirm this,” Francesca wrote. “Haley went out with people and sat with them out multiple times knowing they were positive. I was not [a part] of this as I was not there … She lied, plain and simple, about everything.” 

Haley Cureton and Francesca Farago COVID Drama Explained
Francesca Farago/Twitter

The Netflix starlet also claimed Haley “photoshopped” Too Hot to Handle alum Sharron Townsend’s email to “her OnlyFans list to make it seem like he subscribed so she could get more followers.” 

“So, don’t believe anything she posts in regards to screenshots LOL,” Francesca wrote.

Too Hot to Handle's Haley and Francesca Drama
Haley Cureton/Instagram

After the Farago the Label founder’s tweetstorm, Haley went back to her Instagram Story to defend herself. “Anyone who was in that house knows that she tested positive the morning of [February 6] and still took a cab an hour to Tulum, went to dinner, got a hotel, testing positive again the next day and went to a day party and dinner,” Haley continued. “Anyone who says otherwise is flat-out lying to cover her. Why would I lie about COVID? … I am not the one who has something to lie about.” In addition, she posted a video recording of the text messages.

It looks like there’s a lot more tea to spill!

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