She wants the tea! Gwyneth Paltrow may live in a very Hollywood world, but that doesn’t mean she’s necessarily got the insider hookup for all the hot gossip. Like everyone else who’s even heard of reality TV, though, she’s getting sucked into the Khloé KardashianTristan ThompsonJordyn Woods triangle of a cheating scandal. The only problem? She doesn’t know who half the people are. Yep, Goop herself just hilariously shaded the whole situation. And the best part? We don’t even think that she meant to do it. Watch the video above to see what Gwyneth said and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

When a meme account joined in on the dragging of Jordyn, the Iron Man actress couldn’t help herself from weighing in. “Jordyn Woods is best friends with the world’s youngest billionaire who gifts her with cars, diamonds, and lavish vacations. You’re telling me there’s a chance she gave that all up for a guy who rides bench for the Cavs and has a community d–k? THE HORROR,” the meme read, reposting a viral tweet.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Jordyn Woods
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Can we hazard a guess at which half of the people Goop has heard of? We’re willing to place our bets that she’s familiar with the main Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars, so she should definitely know Khloé. Jordyn is probably someone that she doesn’t know. So where does that leave us if we’re taking her at her word when she says half? She’s met someone named Tristan before?

Either way, this just goes to show how absolutely enormous this scandal has become — and for good reason. With stars like Gwyn and Cardi B weighing in on the gossip online, you know it’s gone above and beyond the usual Kardashian level of drama. Now, we’re just waiting to see how the whole thing plays out. And clearly, Cardi B and Gwyneth are right there with us.

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