Note to self: do not cross (no pun intended) Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Carlton Gebbia.

For those who don’t know, the reality TV star is a witch—and no, we’re not name-calling. Carlton practices Wicca, which is a modern witchcraft religion—and when her costars question her faith, things start to get a little odd.

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It all began at Carlton’s Americana-themed pool party, where the hostess was wearing a bikini that showed off her upper-back tattoo of a Pentagram (which is used by Wiccans as a symbol of their faith).

Naïvely, Kyle Richards asks if it is a Star of David—which is a religious symbol in Judaism. This comment rubbed Carlton the wrong way, and Kyle even offered the hostess a gift, her necklace, as a peace offering, but it didn’t seem that Carlton was letting the comments go so easily!

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The next day, when the ladies are seen painting at Yolanda Foster’s home, Carlton reveals that she had a dream in which Kyle continued to rag on her religion.

Ultimately, Carlton declares that Kyle should bring up any issues she may have with her to her face—despite the fact that she’s hypocritically talking behind her back.

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Joyce Giraud is quick to point this out to Carlton, adding that she doesn’t believe in the practices of Wicca, saying, “Spells only get to you if you believe in it.”

At which point Carlton warns, “When you go home tonight, watch out!”

In the following scene, Joyce performs some kind of ritual using the three-pronged candle from her party the day prior and a quiet chant.

Meanwhile, Joyce’s husband, Michael Ohoven, seems to have fallen ill with some kind of stomach bug—although the star is confident that there’s more than germs making her husband ill.

“Sick is one thing,” she said. “What he got is something else.”

What do you think? Did Carlton go too far? Do you believe that she was behind Michael’s illness? Sound off in the comments!

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