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The entertainment industry is changing thanks to the internet and advancements in technology. Unlike years ago, when entertainment was primarily enjoyed in real-time, the internet has greatly changed how entertainment content is viewed, consumed, and received, giving you the option to watch live and even replays. This has also diversified the entertainment platforms with various social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, which people around the world are used to viewing this content without barriers. But it is impossible to talk about these changes and how they have affected the industry without mentioning celebrated actor and producer, Gatlin Didier.

Gatlin Didier has been at the forefront of the whole movement, using his socials to help change how people are entertained on social media. Didier is the brains behind Farm Stuff with Darrell skits. The skits shared on his socials tell the story of a farm boy named Darrell Bibbins and his everyday encounters on the farm. But one factor that makes the series stand out is that it is performed on Didier’s ranch, and Didier plays Darrell.

Gaitlin Didier

Gatlin Didier’s diverse background and experience working on the ranch have enabled him to create a realistic character and perfectly show true country life. Didier was born and raised in the western Oklahoma countryside on his family’s 120-year-old ranch. This is where he has shot and produced Farm Stuff with Darrell. He partnered with his grandmother and cousin to bring the short series to life. Farm Stuff With Darrell features Didier, the farm boy who explains things on the farm in a lighthearted, educational, and entertaining manner. There is also Granny, played by Didier’s 81-year-old grandmother who lives on the ranch, and Gate Bart, formerly known as Gate Bitch, who is Darrell Bibbins’s sidekick, and played by Didier’s cousin, Jarrett Sitton.

According to Didier, one of his main goals with Farm Stuff with Darrell is to give people an alternative option where they do not have to watch TV. He is allowing viewers to watch fun and educational skits on the go. Didier is also using different social media platforms to share the country way of life with the world.

Most digital content is about life in the big city, says Didier. As a farm boy born and raised on a ranch, Didier wanted to share the true side of ranch life with his viewers. Through Farm Stuff with Darrell, he explains how daily life on the ranch feels. He also shares parts of his story with the primary aim of encouraging other creators/actors.

One of the reasons Gatlin Didier went back home was because he couldn’t get any acting gigs. He is an actor and producer by profession. His career was just starting to take off when COVID started, and with theater closures, it was hard to get casting calls, forcing Didier to return to the ranch. Gatlin Didier started visiting the ranch to help with the work and began making videos about the country way of life for YouTube. Since then, he has grown his social to almost 2 million followers. Didier was named Cowboys & Indians Magazine’s Top 21 Influencers to follow in 2021. He is also the first-ever actor/influencer to work with companies such as Dot’s Pretzels and DRI DUCK.

Building a leading brand is not easy. There are countless obstacles, and you will fail several times before reaching the top, says Didier. But it doesn’t mean it is impossible to achieve. Gatlin Didier has worked hard and cemented his spot as an actor/social media influencer, and he is helping the entertainment industry evolve into its next era.

Gaitlin Didier

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