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Galiano Tiramani Confesses: ‘I Did a Lot of Crazy, High-Risk Stuff’

With a net worth of around $750 million, Galiano Tiramani is a 35-year-old rock star in the business world. He’s the co-founder of Boxabl, a manufacturer of high-tech homes that literally fold up for transport and have the potential to help solve a global shortage of affordable housing.

Boxabl, which has raised more than $140 million primarily through crowdsource funding but also from some big-money investors, isn’t Galiano’s first rodeo. In fact, he’s been on a wild ride since his first successful venture during the early days of cryptocurrency.

While living in his car and working on the assembly line in a mattress factory Galiano started a crypto exchange when he was in his early twenties, and before long he was selling more than $100,000 worth of Bitcoin every day.

“I remember standing in the bathroom of the mattress factory looking at my phone in disbelief as orders for Bitcoin rolled in, and then walking to my boss’s office to give my two weeks’ notice,” he says.

Joining the ‘Green Rush’

After running the Bitcoin business for a few years, Galiano got bored and moved to California — where he quickly joined the marijuana “green rush.”

He set up a farming operation on 20 acres, along with some goats. “We farmed weed, lots of weed,” Galiano says.

“Later on, I figured out the big money was in hash oil extraction, so I set up a large processing facility to extract THC oil from the waste product that I would buy from local farms. Before I knew it the business was doing a million dollars a month.”

His main problem at that point was where to stash all the cash he was making, since he couldn’t deposit it in the bank due to federal banking laws against marijuana businesses.

“I had cash stashed all over my house — cash in drawers, my fridge, under insulation in my attic, we kept finding cash for years after the business ended. It was nuts!”

Galiano Tiramani

Settling Down

Eventually, Galiano met his wife, and the couple had a child together. “The life of a weed farmer wasn’t for me anymore. It was on to bigger things,” he says.

Which is when he got the idea for starting Boxabl with his father, an accomplished industrial designer and inventor who holds dozens of patents. Galiano started by building a website for the company.

“It’s all about the views,” he says. “Get views, capture leads, sell to the leads.”

Since learning the value of social media marketing, Galiano has become an influencer in his own niche. He’s become a master of using humor and publicity stunts to drum up interest in his company.

“The last decade I’ve been on a rocket ship,” he says. “Every project I do is bigger and bigger than the last.”

“I did a lot of crazy high-risk stuff,” says Galiano. “But somehow I always made a profit.”


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