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A wedding is one of the most important events in a couple’s life. The culminating moment when the bride shows her true brilliance in a wedding dress is naturally accented with jewelry that gives a unique finishing touch. Wedding jewelry has evolved over the years, from antique and heirloom pieces to more modern, bespoke designs that are tailored to contemporary style. As we look towards the new year, we spoke with leading New York jewelers, Friendly Diamonds, to get an inside look at the must-have jewelry pieces for the 2023 wedding season. These pieces of jewelry are the essentials that every bride should have on her list of bridal jewelry to make their presence elegant and of-the-moment.

A focal point for any wedding look is of course the Engagement Ring, one of the most important, visible and photographed accessories of a wedding ceremony. There are countless engagement ring styles on the market which appeal to all ages, style preferences, and budgets. In recent years, we’ve seen out-of-the-box proposal rings with multiple larger stones and different gems, like Megan Fox’s interlocking pear shaped diamond and emerald engagement ring.  While trends come and go, many soon-to-be fiancées may drop hints on ring styles they’ve seen in the tabloids. There’s one thing that’s for certain – solitaire engagement rings are here to stay as a must-have jewelry piece for the 2023 wedding season. This timeless and trusted option, a solitaire engagement ring is a subtle yet elegant statement. The Founder of Friendly Diamonds says, “Without the distraction of a complex multi-stone engagement ring, a couple can focus on the color, cut, and clarity of the main diamond.”

Second to the Engagement Ring, one of the most important pieces of jewelry at any wedding is the wedding band, representing the official symbol of the union of marriage for both the bride and the groom. The significance of the wedding band means it should reflect not only the style of the couple, but also symbolize their unity. Based on trends in recent years, Friendly Diamonds shares that nearly all couples are now looking for wedding bands that are cohesive with one another. Couples look for ways to tie each design into one another. This can be seen in using the same type of metal, finish, stone shape, or even more literally, designs that fit into each other like puzzle pieces. The Eternal Love Wedding Bands have become increasingly popular as one of the rings has a curved or angled line that can fit the engagement ring more seamlessly than a straight band, while the matching ring to the pair is shaped in a complementary design.

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Further, bridal earrings have become a crucial part of a wedding look. With all eyes on the bride during the momentous occasion, a little bit of sparkle on the ears can go a long way. Not to take away from the wedding gown, or the unforgettable look of love on the bride’s face we’re seeing stud earrings as a major trend now and for years to come”. A simple 4 prong Diamond stud earring will suffice in adding just the right amount of brilliance without overshadowing the other jewelry.


Beyond these three pieces of jewelry, another must-have jewelry item for the 2023 wedding season is the Tennis bracelet, otherwise known as an Eternity bracelet.  This piece of jewelry gets its name from the design of consecutively set diamonds in a single row, which forms what becomes a never-ending loop. Available in a multitude of sizes, you can go as dainty or as bold as you’d like based on budget preferences. Diamond tennis bracelets also make for a great wedding gift that is versatile and everlasting, so gentleman – take notes!


Brides wearing jewelry on their wedding day brings the wedding ensemble together. By combining cutting-edge technology with brilliant designs at affordable price points without compromising the quality and conscience, Friendly Diamonds is able to deliver on a range of lab grown diamond jewelry, perfect for the big day.  Discover more wedding jewelry or design your own jewelry at

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