Fergie Opens up About Co-Parenting with Josh Duhamel (EXCLUSIVE)

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They're making it work! In an exclusive interview with In Touch, Fergie is speaking out post-split from Josh Duhamel, 44, about how she is healing from heartbreak and balancing being a single working mom.

Fergie and Josh share a 4-year-old son, Axl, who they are “both working really hard” on co-parenting together. “It’s a continuous seesaw, and we are just really trying to make it happen,” she confesses to In Touch.

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The couple quietly split in February after eight years of marriage, and went public with the news in September. She admits she gets “a little emotional” when discussing the painful split. “It’s a transitional time, and there are real feelings there and they come up sometimes,” the Black Eyed Peas singer confesses to In Touch. “I’m a true believer in not holding your emotions in. Whatever it is — love, hurt, laughter. You have to get it out.”

Fergie, 42, says she addresses some of these emotions in her new solo album Double Dutchess. “If I can be an artist who helps a person get through a hard time, that would mean the world to me,” the pop star explains.

As far as dating goes, Fergie says she isn’t interested right now. “My time is dedicated to a balance of work and family... and going out and having a good time once in a while! I call upon my guardian angels and my spirituality to help me find the right ways and the right choices to make with love,” she adds. “I’m learning to just work through these things.”

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Fergie and Josh were reportedly trying for a baby before their split. Watch the video below for more:

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