Fatal Voyage: Diana Case Solved, the 12-part audio documentary hosted by internationally renowned homicide detective sergeant, Colin McLaren, examines critical evidence missed in the investigation into the death of Diana Princess of Wales and the culture of silence that has suppressed the truth for decades.

Princess Diana’s sudden and shocking death on August 31, 1997 at the age of just 36 was a moment that stopped the world. But two decades later, the shadowy circumstances behind exactly what happened on that fateful night inside a Parisian tunnel remain both horrifying and extremely unclear.

Now, Fatal Voyage: Diana Case Solved conducts a brand-new investigation into one of the century’s most gripping conspiracies and brings to an end a mystery that has baffled the world for 22 years.

In an unflinching 12-part series, premiering Sept. 3 and will launch a new episode every Tuesday after, a global team of investigators — handpicked, high-profile and utterly meticulous – including retired crime scene detectives, forensic pathologists and royal insiders – will dissect evidence, alibis and motives, track down new witnesses, hear Diana’s own voice on secret, supposedly long-lost recordings, and interview key players to arrive at some startling new conclusions into the tragic end of the woman they called “the People’s Princess”.

From her first introduction to public life as the painfully shy teenage fiancée of heir to the British throne Prince Charles, through a desperately unhappy marriage, struggles with bulimia, depression, suicide attempts and multiple affairs, to finally blossoming into one of the world’s most beautiful and influential women, Diana, Princess of Wales spent her entire adult life under the media spotlight.

Some believe it was precisely this unprecedented global obsession with Diana’s every move that resulted in her death, as the Mercedes S280 in which she was a passenger sped through the Paris streets pursued by a pack of paparazzi desperate for a snap of the “People’s Princess” before spinning fatally out of control.

Many others believe her death was not an accident.

Led by internationally renowned homicide detective sergeant Colin McLaren – who has investigated numerous murders, crashes, cold cases and even gone undercover in the mafia – Fatal Voyage: Diana Case Solved takes the form of a real-time investigation on the streets of Paris where Diana met her fate. Colin and his team will unpick the circumstances and conflicting theories surrounding her death – from the wildest conspiracies concerning a shadowy pact between senior Royals, the security services and global arms dealers, to the official line that chauffeur Henri Paul was drunk and speeding. They will interview those who witnessed the crash and unearth the one man who knows for sure what happened – and who, for 22 years, has been ordered to remain silent.

Over the course of 12 riveting, often eye-opening episodes, listeners will be taken into the secretive, buttoned-up, ultra-elite and intimidating world of the House of Windsor, a world with – literally – its own rules and where protecting the good name of the “family firm” takes precedence over all. We will learn how from the very start Diana didn’t fit into the Windsors’ way of doing things, of how she was mocked, scorned and resented by her in-laws – and how even her own husband considered her little more than an irritation.

Listeners will learn of the depths of despair Diana was driven to by her treatment at the hands of senior Royals and the betrayal of her husband and will also discover how she learned to fight back.

The explosive series will not simply be a retelling of recorded history and a rehashing of existing conspiracy theories, however. Through dogged investigative reporting, meticulous sifting of evidence including official documents, eyewitness testimony and Diana’s own private journals, plus insight and analysis from experts and insiders, and an exclusive interview with the driver of the white Fiat Uno that was in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel with the princess, Fatal Voyage: Diana Case Solved for the first time, paints a complete picture of not only why the most famous woman in the world came to meet her tragic end, but how exactly it happened.

The podcast premieres September 3 and will launch a new episode every Tuesday after.

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