She’s not taking “false positive” for an answer! Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham made her grand return to TV during an appearance on CBS’ syndicated talk show Face the Truth, which aired on Monday, Sept. 17. Farrah went on the show to attempt to repair her relationship with her estranged mother Debra Danielsen, and her mom claimed that she was afraid that Farrah could be on drugs because of her “erratic” behavior. In order to prove her mom wrong, Farrah agreed to take a drug test — but Farrah refused to accept the results. Now, Debra is opening up about Farrah’s drug test results.

“It was very sad to hear. My daughter needed to know that she was taking a harmful drug, so she could make the right decision to eliminate it. Especially if she is training hard for her upcoming fight,” Debra, 60, exclusively told In Touch via email. “Although being on the show was difficult because of the issues at hand, I feel it helped our relationship to begin a healing process.  I miss Sophia and as a co-parent for [nine] years, it is difficult not to be able to talk, laugh, and hug for 10 months.”


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My beauties and our trip to Italy.

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But Debra said that even though things got really tense on the show, she was still happy that they were able to reunite for the episode. “[i] just want to heal our relationship and I am grateful to Vivica A. Fox and the smart women on that panel,” Debra added. “They truly want to help!”

Vivica, who is the host of Face the Truth, invited Farrah and Debra into the “circle of truth” so that Judge Mary Chrzanowski, aka “Scary Mary,” could reveal the drug test results — and that’s when things started to get really tense.



“Well, I’d like to first say before I give the results, that some test we can take and be very specific about what the drug is — such as cocaine, such as marijuana. And others, it’s more of a generalization,” Mary said. “So to protect her interests, she did test positive for Barbiturates — but that could be a prescribed drug. If her doctor legally prescribed [a] Barbiturate for her, that’s fine. As long as for mom, she was negative.”

Co-host and Forensic Psychologist Judy Ho explained that Barbiturates are a central nervous system depressant that can be prescribed, like a sleep aid or a mood stabilizer.


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When your the only real person on stage & face the truth every day of your life #livingmybestlife some non credible host has 4 other women degrade, hate and act like their credible yet can’t even show respect for them selves … let’s just say crap like this is disgusting probably already canceled & she has to pay her audience and guests heavily to even tolerate this backwards thinking what about women lifting women up? #timesup What about not putting down others to make your self feel better- my recommendation for all of these hosts is to get off tv , go find self love, take care of their own mental health, their stunted children & families & not one women was credible on the show as well I have no respect for women who have to lie, degrade, and be jealous of another amazing women – stop talking about my sex life when you can’t listen to the truth- if I’m a porn star so is every other person who fucked a porn star…. oh wait that would be so many sports players etc…but hate on a women ? all of their sex lives are a mess-FaceTheTruth By Farrah Abraham with a 2 hour special because I’m the best guest they will ever have. Happy I had my @sophialabraham with me and I got to have her see her grandma- I’ve always put more effort to keep their healthy interactions. When no one else is a single mom on their own like me do not tear down a women you can’t even compete with . Loved seeing how messed up and disgusting our society is and I’m so blessed I make the world a better place one pathetic show at a time. Wearing @betsymoss #truth #tv #farrahabraham #parenting #singlemom

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Farrah denied that the results were hers and she suggested that the judge may have been looking at the wrong drug test. Scary Mary suggested that they all should chalk it up to a false positive because Farrah won’t admit to taking Barbiturates, and Farrah wasn’t happy with a false positive either. Judy suggested that Farrah should follow up with her doctor, and Farrah clapped back — and she accused the show’s producers of fabricating her results. “No, I’m going to follow up with the producers who actually initiated this,” Farrah said. “God only knows if it’s real.”

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