There’s a time and a place for selfies and, unfortunately for Jinger Duggar, a lot of people seem to think that the Holocaust Museum isn’t one of them. After making the move to Los Angeles, California at the end of June, the Counting On star has been all over. While her in-laws are visiting, however, she took them to the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust. The family set out for the educational tour on Thursday, July 18, and Jinger documented their trip on social media. However, not everyone was a fan.

On a subreddit dedicating to making fun of the famous family, commenters called out the star for taking a selfie with her daughter, Felicity. “Though it is my third visit to a Holocaust museum, it is nonetheless greatly moving each time,” Jinger, 25, captioned the photo. “It’s so moving that I must stop and take a serious selfie,” snarked one redditer. “That sure is respectful!” Another added, “I find this photo supremely tasteless,” added a second. “You don’t have to take photos everywhere you go and put them on social media.”

Jinger Duggar Takes Selfie with Felicity at Holocaust Museum
Courtesy of Jinger Duggar/Instagram

A third agreed: “This is distasteful and disrespectful to the millions of people who were literally tortured to death during the Holocaust. I totally understand that the Duggars are seriously socially inept, but this is just straight up tasteless.” The criticisms weren’t just reserved for Jinger’s actual photo, though. Some called her out for attending at all when family members like Derick Dillard have slammed gay couples like TLC‘s Nate and Jeremiah by Design. Jinger’s own husband, Jeremy Vuolo, has also spoken out about homosexuality, seemingly calling it a “false definition of love.”

“I wonder if she knows that the Nazis targeted gays?” wrote one commenter. Another added, “The Nazis killed hundreds of thousands of gay people.” Others called her out for bringing Felicity along. “It’s totally disrespectful to bring a baby (that will very likely be making a lot of noise/distracting people) to such a solemn place,” they wrote. “There is no way my baby would sit there quietly while I peruse a museum so I would never bring her to something like this.” Ultimately, though, one said it best: “The museum is there to educate, for people to reflect and take stock of the atrocities not to pose for a selfie.”

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