The party may be coming to an end for Amanda Bynes. The fallen starlet was arrested Thursday night in midtown Manhattan for marijuana possession, tampering with evidence — she allegedly tossed a bong out of her apartment window — and reckless endangerment, and she is meeting with a judge this morning in NYC.

In an exclusive interview with In Touch, "Joe" (one of photographers inside Amanda's apartment during an all-night party, who doesn't want his real name used) reveals details inside Amanda's hard partying and drug use just before her arrest.
"Joe" tells In Touch, "She had at least a dozen hand-rolled joints on her," when he picked up the troubled star in his car to head to her apartment for an impromptu photo shoot. He adds, "She had them in her palm at one point in the backseat of my car — she'll smoke one halfway, put it out. Then light a new one. Then re-light the other half. It’s so weird! But she is constantly smoking weed."
Photos of that night obtained exclusively by In Touch reveal Amanda’s disheveled living conditions, and the 27-year-old herself  — who has said she doesn't smoke pot — atop a bare mattress, smoking what looks like a joint and obsessively refreshing her phone's Twitter feed. Once inside Amanda's barren and filthy apartment, "Joe" alleges Amanda also did cocaine, which Amanda denied. Describing her as being "in her own world," "Joe" tells In Touch, "I was amazed by how much weed this girl smokes and she doesn't really ever slow down from it!"
"Joe" says he even warned Amanda prior to her arrest about her drug use. "I have seen her smoking weed in public while I was following her — I have texted her and told her to stop because she will get arrested! She has no clue about real life." He compares her to another fallen starlet: "Lindsay Lohan — they kind of remind me of each other."
Old habits seem to die hard for poor Amanda. As In Touch previously reported, before moving into her current midtown apartment, she was living in the posh W New York hotel in Times Square. Many employees were relieved when she left after her monthlong stay. One staff member tells In Touch, "Often she'd just light up a joint like it was no big deal — people noticed, but no one really knew how to react. She wasn't making any effort to keep it a secret. It was like she wanted to be noticed and get caught — I truly think it was like a cry for help."
The employee claims Amanda was reprimanded by hotel staff for smoking pot in her room. In what seemed like a way to avoid another warning — or eviction — she stopped smoking weed in her room and instead smoked in the hallway, lobby, bar and gym. "Her solution to not smoking weed in her room was to smoke it everywhere else — hallways, lobby, elevator, you name it. A staff member once found her curled up in the corner of the gym, getting high alone — with no pants on! There were a few other people in the gym working out, she didn't seem to care or notice what people were thinking about her. She had underwear on, but no pants," the staffer says.
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