California native Erica Wall has gotten some sweet revenge after her father once called her “Godzilla.” The former My 600-lb Life star — whose episode aired earlier this year — has dropped nearly 200 pounds following gastric bypass surgery.

Her introduction on TLC’s hit show didn’t initially sit well with viewers, though. The 44-year-old was seen meeting with a nutritionist who told her to cut back on carbs, and she wasn’t too pleased with the advice. When the nutritionist tossed out bags of food, Erica became upset. “I can’t believe she just wasted all that food,” she said at the time. “I’m so frustrated right now. But I can just order more, and there’s nothing she can really do to stop me from doing that. So she completely wasted her time.”

erica wall 'my 600-lb life'

Erica with her sister, Molly, before undergoing gastric bypass surgery.

The story of how she ballooned to 661 pounds is a tragic one. She grew up eating home-cooked meals of fried chicken that put her at 200 pounds before she was even a teenager. As a result, she was body-shamed by her classmates and even her father. “They would say things and call me names, but nothing would hurt as much as when my father would tease me,” Erica remembered. “He would say some really hurtful things. He always said, ‘What happened to my beautiful little girl? She went to sleep one night, and she woke up Godzilla.'”

At 16 years old and 300 pounds, her father forced her to get her stomach stapled. Despite losing a little bit of weight, she was raped later that year, which triggered more emotional eating. Within five years, her staples had been blown out. “I felt neglected and abandoned by my father. I just wanted my dad to tell me that he loved me, and he wasn’t disappointed that I was his daughter,” she said.

erica wall before

Erica in an undated photo before gaining weight.

To make matters worse, the Daily Mail reported revealed that “when she was 42 years old, her mother was left on life support after a car accident, but Erica was so large that she couldn’t make it to the hospital to say goodbye before she died. The heartbreak led her to even more extreme binging, and she gained 200 pounds in just two years.”

Today, despite losing 190 pounds, the former reality star is still unhappy about her diet and said she’s “hungry all of the time.” She does, however, hope to drop more weight so she can run again.

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