Earlier this week, Forbes named Ellen DeGeneres the sixteenth highest earning celebrity — and with her impressive net worth, we’re not surprised to see that she beat out the likes of The Rock, Taylor Swift , Tom Cruise, and Kim Kardashian!

So just how much is the 59-year-old worth — and how does she earn that money? Check out the video to find out!

As In Touch exclusively revealed this week, Ellen and her wife, Portia de Rossi, are on the brink of divorce — and much of Ellen’s hefty fortune is at stake, thanks to countless loopholes in their prenup!

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“Portia will go after half of Ellen’s fortune,” an insider tells In Touch exclusively. “Ellen’s attorneys will fight it as much as possible, but Ellen wants to keep the details of the divorce private. The last thing she wants is to her dirty laundry plastered all over. She’s beloved by millions, but they don’t know what she’s really like behind closed doors.”

According to the insider, Ellen will stop at nothing to keep her secrets secret.

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“Ellen will pay to guarantee that Portia won’t go public with their marriage in a future tell-all book,” the insider explains. “Ellen wants to protect her reputation and her brand. If Portia plays her cards right, Ellen will give her whatever she wants.”

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