With so many kids and grandkids, it’s hard enough trying to remember the names and faces of all the immediate Duggar family members. So we made a visual guide to the family tree to help us keep everybody straight. But as it turns out, that family tree actually has a few extra branches. Yep, the Duggar family is even bigger than you thought. So who else do you need to know? We’re breaking it down.

Jim Bob Duggar’s Family

the duggars

Meet Jim Bob Duggar‘s mom. You’ve seen Grandma Duggar plenty on Counting On and the family’s other shows. But in case you didn’t know, her name is Mary and she lives with her son’s family in her cabin which was recently relocated onto Jim Bob’s property. The cabin is where she and her late husband, Jimmy Lee Duggar, raised the 19 Kids and Counting patriarch when he was growing up. Jimmy Lee passed away in 2009, but Grandma Duggar is still very much in her family’s lives.

Jim Bob may have 19 kids, but he came from a relatively small family. In fact, he has just one sibling — a sister named Deanna. The two don’t seem particularly close, but they definitely keep in touch. We have to imagine their relationship is at least a little strained, though, considering the Duggars don’t believe in divorce and Deanna split from her former husband back in 2015. Not only that, Deanna also had her daughter out of wedlock — a serious no-no when you consider Jim Bob’s super strict family rules. But at the end of the day, family is family.

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Amy Duggar isn’t the only cousin the Duggar kids have — but she is the only one on the Duggar side of the family. Though her dad’s name is Terry Jordan, she clearly favors her mom’s fam. And when she opened up about her childhood abuse at the hands of her dad on Instagram and Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, it made sense. Amy’s put in the work to build a good relationship with her father over time and they’ve come along way.

Like her parents, though, she’s not nearly as conservative as her cousins. In fact, the so-called “Rebel Duggar” revealed she’d had sex before marriage — though she and her husband, Dillon King waited to become intimate with each other before tying the knot back in 2015. The two have had their own share of marital strife, but they’re always looking adorable on Instagram — and recently, they’ve even begun to spark pregnancy rumors. The Duggar family just keeps growing!

Michelle Duggar’s Family

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Unlike her husband, Michelle Duggar did grow up with a full house. In fact, she actually has six older siblings: Pamela, Kathie, Evelyn, Carolyn, Freda and Garrett. When we say older, though, we mean it. In an interview with The Christian Broadcasting Network, she shared that some of her siblings had already gotten married and started families of their own by the time she was born. That age gap, combined with the fact that most of them still live in Ohio, means that the Ruark siblings aren’t as close as they could be. It doesn’t help that not all of their values necessarily align with Michelle’s.

In fact, one of her older sisters, Evelyn Ruark, is actually a lesbian — and though the Duggars don’t believe in her right to marry, they still love her. But it’s Michelle’s sister Carolyn, Carol for short, that’s the one to know. Ever since her recent health issues after suffering from a stroke in July of 2016, Carolyn’s been spending more time with the family.

the hutchinses

Carolyn’s daughter Rachel is also an important member of the family — although you won’t see her around much these days. The Duggar family’s niece has been in some legal trouble over the past year, involving breaking and entering as well as theft. She also seemed to struggle in her younger years, becoming a single mother when she was still just a teen. Though we hope she gets back on her feet now, we’re glad to know that her son Tyler is now in safe hands — and that she’s still allowed to see him.

Rachel’s son Tyler Hutchins isn’t just a part of the Duggar family by blood now. He’s also been adopted by Jim Bob and Michelle and is being raised as one of their own kids. After his mom’s legal and financial troubles, he went to stay with his grandmother, Carolyn. But after Carolyn’s stroke, the parents of 19 stepped up to become parents of 20. And the Duggar parents have plenty of love to go around, accepting Tyler easily as one of their own and part of the fam. Though we don’t know if we’ll be seeing him on TLC any time soon, he makes plenty of appearances on the family social media.

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