For a family with a reality show, book deals, and plenty of real estate properties, you'd think the Duggars wouldn't really need to go out of their way to score free stuff. And yet, whenever there's an opportunity, the Duggar family is there. Guess that's the secret to how they remain debt-free like they preach — although, TBH, we're pretty sure the Duggars aren't being entirely upfront about their money situation. But getting a regular TLC paycheck while still thrift shopping and eating cheap meals like a tater tot casserole should leave plenty of leftover cash (Derick Dillard's claims that they actually volunteered for the show aside). So why are they always out there doing the most so they can get goods for the absolute least? Is it just that getting free sandwiches for 19 kids is easier than making PB&Js at home? Is figuring out how many different cars you need to take and who's going to drive and which kids will go with which buddies really worthwhile? Must be — because when the Duggars want free stuff, they commit.

The Duggars will dress up in ridiculous costumes for free food.

Maybe it's because they're not allowed to actually celebrate Halloween and they need an excuse to dresss up, but the kids in the family (even the ones who are straight up adults with kids of their own now) never miss an opportunity to slap on a costume in exchange for a free meal. Whether they're looking to pick up donuts from Krispy Kreme or lunch from Chick-fil-A, they must be digging through their closets starting at the crack of dawn to find all the appropriate ties and bandanas and black eyeliner they need to get really in character. One of the younger ones even broke out a mop to act as a faux-pirate wig. Now that's commitment to a cause. And we've seen how far they're willing to go to get the whole family dressed up as cows on Chick-fil-A's Cow Appreciation Day, too.

They'll go to Marketplace Grill for every single birthday.

Hey, it's a family birthday tradition — because the Duggars are seriously obsessed with the Chocolate Mess. No matter the kid, no matter how old they're becoming, the family will turn up for Marketplace Grill's free birthday sundae. And, sure, it looks pretty good. Plus, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have insisted that no one has to go there if they don't want to. But if the alternate is staying at home on the compound while watching Jana Duggar slave over a hot oven to make you a birthday cake, well, we can imagine how easy a choice that is. Let's all pack into the cars again, guys. We're heading back to Marketplace Grill for the 23rd time this year so far.

They'll wake up and get the family hustled out of the house at any hour.

Ever tried to wake up one teenager in time to be out the door by 7 a.m.? Now try doing it with five of them — plus a ton of cranky little kids. But hey, it's all worth it for a free Dr. Pepper vanilla float, right? That's definitely something that you're interested in eating before 7:30 in the morning — and that was worth dragging everybody out of bed for. Who doesn't love to chug a soda only five mintues after they've brushed their teeth and prepared to start their day?

They'll post ads targeting their followers on Instagram.

The Duggars love attending their Christian conferences and posting about them online — but they're not doing that for nothing. It's long been suspected that, in exchange for sharing pictures, Instagram ads, and YouTube videos, Jim Bob and his clan are getting free attendance. Yep, it's obvious the family's probably most capable of paying whatever entry fee there is but they actually get to skip it entirely. And all in exchange for a little social media promotion so that they can send those costs on to their fans instead. Someone has to foot the bill after all.

They'll just blatantly ask their fans for gifts.

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Helping Jill with her gift registry! Can't believe she's getting married in just 7 weeks! 😃

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When it comes to wedding registries especially, the family has no shame when it comes to asking for a little fan participation. Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald once straight up asked their followers to send them gift cards in a family blog post. Joy-Anna Duggar shared brother Joseph Duggar's wedding registry with now-wife Kendra Caldwell so that their viewers could send presents for the newlyweds. We're not saying that there aren't fans out there who love the Duggar so much that they want to shower them in blenders and toasters and monogrammed towels, or whatever, but it just seems a little uncool to actually ask for when you're legit famous and could afford it all yourself. But hey, like we said — the Duggars love a freebie. And there's plenty they'll do to get one.

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