Hot Take: Dream Is the Cutest Kardashian Kid, and We All Know It

Within what was basically minutes of Dream Kardashian being born, there were pictures of her up on social media. Her mom is Blac Chyna, after all, and her dad Rob is a Kardashian — meaning that both sides of her family are known for extensively documenting their lives through Instagram and Snapchat. Like, to the degree that Chyna, Rob, and grandma Kris Jenner even posted a Mannequin Challenge video while they were in the hospital waiting for Chyna to get her C-Section. And another video of the extremely fresh-from-the-womb baby that same day, this time post-birth. And another the next day, this one showing the tiny, burrito-style swaddled baby with a messy tuft of hair just trying to sleep while also making the cutest, most hilarious sound out of nowhere (and, yes, we do laugh every time we watch it). There was a giant cut out of Dream’s face before she was even two months old. Needless to say, our feeds were flooded with pictures and videos.

At first, we were all like, “Awww, she’s adorable,” and then moved on with the rest of our lives. But over time, Dream has continued to get, if possible, even cuter. Like, sincerely just impossibly sweet. And now that she’s turning three years old on Sunday, November 10, officially becoming a toddler, we think we might be ready to call it: Dream Kardashian was the cutest Kardashian baby. (In fact, she might be the cutest baby ever — but that’s a more difficult argument to make.)

Look, we’re not saying the other Kardashian kids aren’t cute. After all, if you’ve seen that picture of North West hamming it up for the camera outside Universal Studios, you know that she’s iconic, amazing, a legend, your faves could never, etc. We’ve got plenty of love for her, Penelope Disick and the rest of the little ones. But their baby photos can’t compare to Dream’s. There’s just something about the fact that she looked like a normal, squishy baby and not a tiny $8,000 Birkin-bag-toting model. Scroll through our gallery below to see what we mean.

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