Jeniffer Tarazona was grilled about her relationship with Cacua on the 90 Day: Single Life season 2 tell-all, leaving fans questioning if she did have sex with him prior to her romance with Jesse Meester.

During part one of the special, which aired on Friday, January 28, Cacua hopped on a video call while based in Medellín, Colombia, and allowed host Shaun Robinson to inquire about his questionable comments made throughout previous episodes. 

90 Day Fiance Alum Jeniffer Poses for Pic
Courtesy of Jeniffer Tarazona/Instagram

“We haven’t been talking much out of respect for the relationship she has with Jesse,” Cacua said when asked about their status.  

Jesse, 29, for his part, noted after he and Jeniffer, 25, got “serious,” the couple established some boundaries for Jeniffer and Cacua as “friends.”

Cacua had professed his love for Jeniffer in a December 2021 episode, leaving viewers in shock as he appeared to still be pining after her. “I’ve been waiting for Jeniffer my whole life and tonight I will try to get her back,” he said in a confessional, revealing the feelings he felt for her were still stronger than ever.

On the tell-all, Cacua said that Jesse is a “little cold and calculating,” while she is “warmer and more passionate.” Meanwhile, castmate Natalie Mordovtseva chimed in to claim she also didn’t see “love” on Jesse’s side.

Jeniffer said she and Cacua met back in high school, claiming they were never boyfriend and girlfriend although he spent 10 years fighting for her. “She is the best sexual partner I ever had,” he previously declared.

When asked for his personal take on their dynamic, Jesse told Shaun he wasn’t 100 percent sure about what transpired between the two of them.

“We shared intimacy at some point, but we didn’t get fully in it,” Jeniffer claimed.

As for Cacua, he coyly replied, “Well, a gentleman never talks about what really happens, right? Also, sex is not just the sexual act, per se. A hug, a kiss, the simple act of supporting her is a part of sexuality. To be there for that person.”

Shaun pointed out he gave a “long no” and fellow costar Ed “Big Ed” Brown added the two were “playing games” and “dancing around the questions,” noting it seemed to be an “admission that something happened” between Jeniffer and Cacua. “I didn’t sleep with him if you have ears,” she doubled down. 

Did 90 Days Jennifer and Cacua Have Sex
Courtesy of Jeniffer Tarazona/Instagram; YouTube

Afterward, Jesse admitted he wasn’t upset that Cacua called him “delicate” but was more so perturbed by his remarks. “I’m more bothered by the fact that, you know, he’s talking about when we break up and being ready for her,” Jesse explained. 

Shaun then asked if Cacua was “in love” with Jeniffer or just had “love” for her. 

“No, I can’t say that I am in love with her per se. I love her with all my heart, but to desire to be with her right now when I see her happy with someone else, it would hurt me,” Cacua replied.

When Shaun asked Jeniffer the same question, she responded, “I love Cacua, but I never felt like getting into a relationship with him. I choose Jesse.”

Ed suggested that Jeniffer cut ties with Cacua because he could be a “cancer” to her new romance. Jesse also admitted, “I’m not happy with the Cacua situation, but I believe Jeniffer, I have to.” 

Time will tell how this all plays out!

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