He just doesn’t know when to stop. Jill Duggar‘s husband Derick Dillard loves to use his social media platform to promote his religious and political views, and it seems like nothing is off limits. The former Counting On star took to Twitter on Friday, March 16 to share an article and praised a news article that claimed a pro-life bill had advanced in Iowa that would ban abortion from the point when an embryo has a detectable heartbeat — and he went argued back and forth with pro-choice fans in the replies.

“This is great! Laws country-wide are getting closer to making ALL murder illegal. Progress IS being made. Equality for all!” the disgraced reality star wrote.

Of course, Twitter users slammed Derick for using the words “equality” especially because he’s made hateful, transphobic comments aimed at his former TLC co-star Jazz Jennings, which later led to his firing from the network. “I’m wondering…does ‘equality for all!’ include transgender people, Derick? Just curious where your ‘for ALL’ line is drawn. Hypocrisy at its finest,” one fan wrote.

Another Twitter user sent Derick a lengthy message, stating that abortions should not be illegal because there are certain cases where terminating a pregnancy would save the life of the mother, and not being able to have an abortion would put that mother’s life in danger. But Derick responded, “What about all the people in this world who rely on somebody else to live?? Should we just kill all those people??!”

Many other Twitter users pointed out that since Derick is a man, he should not be so concerned with abortions and women’s reproductive rights. “You were literally a virgin up until about [two years] ago. Pretty sure your opinion about my uterus and my body is a moot point!!!” one user tweeted.

In a confusing response, Derick used religion to try to draw a line between virginity and being able to have an opinion. “Pretty sure Jesus Christ was a virgin his whole life, and the western world bases its calendar system on the man’s life. And while we’re talking about moot points,” he wrote.

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