Though usually it’s fun news when a celeb gets a dog, Teen Mom fans are worried about David Eason and Jenelle Evans‘ new pup. David introduced followers to their freshly adopted pet on Instagram, writing, “These dog days got us hanging out the window cooling off! Everyone meet Nugget the Frenchie!” Nugget is definitely adorable, but it’s not the dog people are worried about — it’s the owners.

Though plenty of Teen Mom 2 fans took notice of the fact that Nugget was in the front seat with his (her?) head out the window, both of which are big no-nos, that’s the least of most followers’ concerns. Unfortunately, this couple doesn’t have a very good history with pets. A few years back, when Jenelle was still dating Nathan Griffith, an episode of  the MTV show featured the teen mom losing her s–t while caring for the couple’s dogs. In the clip, she grabbed Mugen by the collar and dragged him across the room to shove him into a crate kept in the garage, all the while threatening to get rid of him. The moment was so scary that the channel even included a disclaimer about animal abuse when the episode aired. 

The next year, Jenelle lost custody of that dog, and she’s other scandals since. In 2015, the MTV star threw a firecracker towards her dog Jax, leading many fans of accusing her of trying to get him to fetch it, which she denied but also refused to apologize for. She’s also let her son Kaiser ride the family pets and taken flack for leaving their dogs outside in rough weather. So it’s no surprise that fans are worried that she’s got another new pet, especially one as high-maintenance as a French bulldog. 

“That dog already has sad eyes,” wrote one fan on reddit. “That poor dog,” said another. “I wish it the best of luck since they don’t have a very good track record with pets.” “Well RIP nugget we hardly knew you,” read the particularly grim top comment. Though the Easons’ track record speaks for itself, we hope that all the worried fans are wrong and Nugget lives a long and happy life. 

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